Tips for getting rid of the cold and flu this season

While it is difficult to differentiate between the common cold and flu, it is always good news to know that with simple home remedies you can treat them both at home. Since they both are viral infections, the symptoms usually last about a week or two and thus would require your care during this time. So, if you or anyone at your home is suffering from flu or cold, this article is going to be a great read for you. Continue to know more about some simple home remedies and ways to mellow down the symptoms.


Your body is under a lot of stress fighting the virus and thus would be low on energy. To avoid getting unnecessarily tired, take as much rest as you can. The body can use all the energy that you have to provide it with. So, get plenty of rest, sleep when you feel like sleeping and avoid hectic routines that might wear you out.

Stay hydrated

While you might not feel like eating much, it is important that you continue to take your fluids. Staying hydrated would keep your body fresh and would help it maintain electrolyte balance in your body and get rid of the mucus that might cause congestion in the coming days. Soups juices and all those foods that would replenish your energies while being in fluid form are always of great help.


If your mucus gets thickened and doesn’t run down on its own, you will have to deal with severe headaches and maybe even sinus infections as the week proceeds. Taking in steam and keeping the nasal passage will help you breathe normally while ensuring that the mucus stays in the running state. In fact, even long hot showers where you stay in longer to bask in the steam is equally beneficial.

Avoid a cough

With the nasal passage blocked and your respiratory system under attack, it is common for you to develop a cough as well. While it is advised to not give medications to children under the age of 4, adults can try taking medications that would help get rid of a cough.

Fever and aches

Your body is fighting an infection and every time your immune system gets under attack, it turns up the heat in your system as a defensive mechanism. It is your body’s sign of warning you that it is under stress and is busy fighting some infection. If you develop aches of some kind and run a fever, take simple medications to deal with that. Resting, getting adequate sleep is helpful too.

Take medications

If the symptoms do not seem to go away in a few days or start aggravating, it is important that you get yourself prescribed medications designed to treat the viral infection. To make this easier, you can now even order prescriptions online and get in touch with a professional medical expert online at The Independent Pharmacy today and have your condition reviewed by an expert there.

Flu today takes over two weeks to go away. But medications and health care tips certainly can help you deal with the condition better