Tips for Men To Show Off Muscular Body

We will be giving you some quick tips about style for muscular men such as ideal pants for weightlifters, shirts that show off muscle, men’s tights that get eyes rolling and more. If you’re looking for fitness apparel such as tights, shirts, etc. for muscular men or just muscular men fashion in general, you’ve come to the right place. If you want these goodies at a discounted price head over to 2XU, you won’t be disappointed.

Assuming you stuck to your New Year’s Resolution and have been gaining some serious mass since the start of this year. It is a no-brainer that an active lifestyle has tremendous amounts of benefits. As a matter of fact, hitting the gyms regularly and working out has an incredibly positive effect on both your physical and mental well-being. If you’ve been hitting the gym on a regular basis for a while now and avoided an unhealthy diet, chances are you have probably noticed some of your clothes not fitting properly anymore. In your day to day scenario you might notice your pants fit a lot snugger than before (assuming you didn’t skip leg days) and your t-shirts and tops aren’t even close to how they used to fit.

It can be a hassle to find that one particular size which will fit your body shape perfectly. Here are some tips you can follow to always stay in the limelight and improve your swag.

Truth About Fashion For Muscular Men

The only disadvantage we can think of from working out is that finding clothes become more of a hassle. While you kept gaining some serious mass you forgot that buying your conventional size doesn’t fit you anymore. Not to mention you can’t completely mimic the models on a magazine or looking at some fashion week for outfit inspiration. This can become a nightmare especially if you are a beefy specimen. By being beefy we mean muscular fit. You have a beach body at your disposal and now you just need to get the perfect fit for it. Now is the time to get your old wardrobe into shape.

Contrary to the popular belief muscular guys don’t need a Double XL to make up for their huge gains. We know you have worked hard to reach an X or Xl but the sizes vary from country to country. An “L” in Melbourne might mean an “M” elsewhere. So, before you go garment hunting, do some adequate prior research about the different sizes available.

Fit is King

You have heard this before and we are going to say it again. Style cannot exist without the proper fit regardless of your huge guns. You should invest in clothes that compliment your physique. You have worked day and night for those gains, it’d be a shame if you weren’t able to show off those gains. For starters, make sure your shirt is fitted up top. Oversized shirts and hoodies will cover all the hard work like clouds cover the sun on a rainy day. A Basic t-shirt does wonder if worn by someone that fills it properly and does its justice.

In short, your goal should be to flatter the outfit over your body as clean as possible. Avoid both the extreme sides of the spectrum.

Tailor Is Your Best Friend

Having a tailor in your favorites contact list can save you a lot of time and trouble. We have already mentioned above that most of the clothes you buy isn’t going to fit. You will be needing a tailor to make sure he designs and cuts the suit as per your body type. Although, sizing down might help to fit your clothes in the right spots but you need to get extremely lucky. We suggest you don’t hesitate to spend a few bucks as it will fix a lot of problems. The best thing you get out of tailoring your clothes is that they look as if they were made just for you.

So, try building a good relationship with your tailor as you will benefit a ton from this partnership. Once you figure which parts of the body you want to show off more. Leave the rest to the tailor, he/she will fit and adjust your clothes accordingly

Jeans For Muscular Men

When it comes to jeans or trousers, it is wise to stay away from extreme skinny fits. Even if you have never skipped a leg day and packed some serious leg mass. Even slim fits can sometimes be a problem and should be approached with caution. Assuming you have stuck to your squats and other leg workouts, you will need to ensure that the pants are relaxed fit or regular. We advise you to search for pants that have some sort of embedded stretch into its fabric. Not only will this give you a comfy feeling but also provide you some mobility. The best part is you don’t need to worry about outgrowing your pants in case you gain some additional mass later. If you plan to shop for some jeans head over to 2XU and look for some stretch denim. The thing about denim is that they are designed to accommodate your body. Therefore, it is a good investment as it can take a couple of years to wear off.

Find A Brand That Caters Towards You

Different clothing brands treat sizing differently and this can get you confused more often than not. They do this to appeal to a specific location, region or style. This might be daunting for many men but if you can somehow manage to overcome this issue and find a brand that matches you, you’ll be saving a lot of time.

We suggest investing some time to understand your trusty labels and stick with them.

In The End…

Keep experimenting. Men usually stick with a certain style for a long while and mostly that is how it should be in most cases. But if you are feeling low on confidence in your existing look, don’t hesitate to experiment and try out different things. The more you try the faster you will get a hang of what fits you best. If you are a beefy human being you can live your lifestyle and look sharp while doing it.