Tips for Urban Biking in Summer

Summer is here, and it’s time to start thinking about all the fun outdoor activities you want to engage in. For many people, bike riding is an essential part of enjoying summer weather. It’s a great way to get some exercise while breathing in fresh air and seeing a variety of sights. Whether you head out on a mint green cruiser bike or you prefer neutral-colored city bikes, here are some tips for safe urban biking in summer.

Plan Every Ride

If you’re a spontaneous person, you may be tempted to jump on your bike without planning your route. This, however, can spell disaster. In summertime, temperatures can get dangerously high. It’s wise to check the weather before you go and stick to trails with plenty of shade on the hottest days. You should also let someone else know where you plan on going. That way if you get injured on your bike and don’t return home in a reasonable amount of time, your friend or family member will know exactly where to look for you.

Start Small

If you haven’t been on your bike all year, summer is not the time to whip out a 100-mile bike ride. Instead, start with small, reasonable rides and build up your endurance. That way you can minimize your chances of becoming dehydrated or simply losing steam in the middle of a ride.

Stay Cool

You need to know how to stay cool on hot summer rides. If possible, choose light-colored clothing that reflects the sun’s rays instead of absorbing them. You may even want to invest in a white beach cruiser for the same reason. Dark colors tend to soak up the heat from the sun and can make you overheat.

You can also stay cool by bringing plenty of cold water with you. Consider putting several ide cubes in your water bottles to help them stay colder longer. Don’t forget to put on plenty of sunscreen to protect exposed skin from the sun’s harsh UV rays!

Replace Your Electrolytes

When you sweat a lot while riding your bike in the summer, you lose a lot of electrolytes. To replace your electrolytes, bring along salty snacks such as peanuts and pretzels. You may also want to bring along an electrolyte drink with you to help you maintain your sodium levels.

Ride in the Early Morning or Evening

Riding in the heat of the afternoon sun can quickly sap your energy. That’s why many cyclists choose to ride early in the morning or in the evening during the summer months. Just make sure your bike is properly illuminated if you ride before the sun is all the way up or if there’s any chance of the sun going down before you get home.


Your body needs more time to recover in the summer than it does in the spring or fall. You should plan to take frequent breaks during your rides and replenish your energy stores so you can finish your ride strong.

These helpful tips don’t take a lot of effort to follow. But they can make a huge difference in how you feel during those hot summer bike rides.