Six Tips to Help Prepare a Killer Workout

Although every body builder would desire it, keeping to a consistent workout routine that maximizes gains week after week takes guts, time and effort. We are all human and we all have our good and bad days, so it is highly likely that there are ups and downs in our body building routine as well. The best laid plans have to bend to fate sometimes, but we can compensate by making a better effort the next time. If you feel that your efforts are not bringing the desired results or seem to have hit a plateau, here are six tips to adopt that will ensure that you maximize gains in the coming workout sessions.

1) Getting a Good Pre Workout Meal

The importance of this factor cannot be overlooked. Good nourishment not only helps sustain our energies throughout the day, but also aids in our exercise and body building efforts. It is important to break up out total calorie intake into six small meals spaced evenly apart, so that the body does not go into hunger mode and urges over eating. The typical pre workout diet would entail a mix of good proteins and carbohydrates that are digested slowly by the system.

2) Promoting an Energy Boost

Nowadays, the market is full of mineral, vitamin and bodybuilding supplements that contain yohimbe, horny goat weed, arginine, caffeine and other elements that boost energy levels in the short run. You can use these supplements too. However, too much dependence on the same can promote addictive tendencies, so it is best to use them sparingly if at all. Alternatively, a cup of black coffee can do the trick as well.

3) Mixing up the Workout Routine

Mixing up the workout routine can definitely have its benefits, especially if you feel tired after work or have hit a training plateau. Going full tilt into the fray will only be counter-productive. Sometimes it is a good idea to take it easy and do yoga, tai chi or Pilates and let the heavy machinery and your body takes a well deserved break.

4) Getting Enough Sleep

When it comes to sleep, we all have our individual requirements. Even this could vary depending on how strenuous or stressful a day we have had at work, dealing with changes and client demands, or even undergoing a personal crisis. When you don’t feel like you have enough energy to go to the gym, listen to your body and evaluate the situation. It could be the best advice you could take.

5) Achieving Active Recovery

It is a well-known fact among body builders that muscles are built in the recovery process- that is when the body is in a state of rest after a strenuous workout. Working out strenuously day after day without intervals of rest will not give the body a chance to recover or build muscle. So relax and let your body do the work in active recovery mode for best results.

6) Working with a Trainer or Partner

Sometimes we are just plain old lazy and have to be motivated to go the rounds. In this instance, a trainer or workout partner can be a godsend as he or she pushes you forward and onward to complete your workout in the most effective manner. It can promote both friendship and discipline at the same time.