Tips to Build Muscle Quickly

When we think of building muscle and gaining weight, it seems like quite a long process involving a lot of blood and sweat. This is not necessarily true and may be because people are not aware of some simple techniques that help speed up the process.

Let’s face it; we all want to learn how to build muscle quicker as they not only fill out t-shirts better; they are a sign of strength and masculinity. So, be it for fitness, bodybuilding contests or whatever other reason, the process of building muscles can be significantly assisted by following the tips below. 

1.     Eat More Protein

Exercise training can be hard on your muscles, even breaking them. Protein builds them back up again. The harder your workouts, the more critical your protein intake is going to be. You should ideally be aiming for a ratio of about 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight; roughly the maximum amount your body uses daily.

2.     Calories Are Your Friend

This one can be a little confusing. After all, isn’t counting calories just about the most crucial aspect of weight loss? Yes and no. While it is true that a reduction in calorie intake helps those looking to lose weight, the opposite is true of those looking to build muscle.

To most effectively build muscle, you need to consume more calories than you burn each day. The reason is simple. When your body senses a calorie deficiency, it will assume that you are lacking adequate nutrition and relegates muscle building to concentrate on saving energy. 

Aim to take in a reasonable amount of extra calories each day. To make sure that any weight gained is restricted to muscle, ensure that the calories you eat are protein based.

3.     Get More Sleep

Building muscle requires more than training and nutrition. Adequate rest is critical, and the reality is that real muscle growth takes place when we are asleep. Overworking tired muscles or focus training on the same body part too frequently is not only counterproductive, but it is also outright dangerous

You must be careful to be responsive to your body’s natural call for rest when you first begin muscle building as this is when you will be at your most vulnerable. Be sure to get roughly eight hours of sleep per night.

4.     Supplementation

There are tons of different supplements, all claiming to build muscle while you sit back and relax magically. Nothing could be further from the truth. When hoping to achieve real muscle growth, training, nutrition and rest come first. Supplements (the right kind) are the icing on the cake.

When you have your training and nutrition routines properly in check, there are supplements that you can take to help you get there a little faster by enhancing workout quality.

Supplements that contain naturally occurring compounds such as Creatine, Beta Alanine, Caffeine and Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAA), help provide cellular energy, increase stamina, decrease muscle soreness and improve motivation.

Final Thoughts

Building muscle the healthy way requires commitment and consistency. You will need to exercise, set goals, track progress, get the right nutrition and maintain a possible attitude. At the end of it all, it will have been well worth it.