Top 3 Blunders Committed by Women in Weight Room

Weight lifting exercises have always been very popular because they are very effective in building stronger bones and muscles and they can also gear p fat loss process by gearing up metabolism. As far as women are concerned, they also need these type of exercises because they have to go thought genetic predisposition and menopause during which the estrogen levels are decreased that put those women more prone to get osteoporosis.

If you follow proper form and perfect technique, the strength training can bring amazing fast results in building up size, strength and endurance and if you have them all, you can do everything more effectively and easily such as your favorite sports, competitions, hobbies or general physical activities. However, most of the women make mistakes which prevent them gain size, muscles, strength and endurance. Check out some of the blunders committed in weight room.

Blunder # 1: They Do Everything in An Unorganized Manner

The biggest mistake often committed by the women is that they do everything in an unorganized manner. They don’t care about performing specific exercises in an organized manner and in sequence for certain muscle groups. Now what you need to do is that work with different muscle groups in sequence. For example, if you are working with your abdominal muscles, and have to perform 3 sets of a certain exercise, perform all of them in a sequence along with resting time between each of them and then move to the other muscle group.

Blunder # 2: They Often Skip Warming Up Sessions

Most of the women often skip the warm-up session and this is another mistake which greatly affects the performance during exercise. The expert suggest that having a 10-15 minutes warming up session in which you stretch all your muscles is really important before you begin resistance training. In this way, you can raise heart rate, mobilize joints, gear up each move and most importantly reduce the risks of all minor to major injuries. Researches have shown that major cause of injuries in women is skipping warm-up sessions.

Blunder # 3: They Ignore Exercise Instructions

Reading Exercise Instructions carefully is a must-to-follow step for performing every exercise effectively for getting desired results without the risk of getting sprain and injuries. Unfortunately. Most of the women ignore this most important step and use incorrect training form and techniques which often cause them get disappointing results. Therefore, you must read the instructions carefully before you perform each exercise and if you are not sure about your exercise form and technique, you must consult with a certified trainer who can help you perform much better.

Final Words

The above blunders greatly affects the performance which is resulted into very disappointing results and most of those poor women prefer to give up their efforts which is absolutely wrong as giving up is not the solution. The solution of your problem is that you must try to get rid of those blunders so you can get the results you have been trying to see.