Top 3 Exercises to Correct Muscle Imbalance

Kinesiology, which is also known as human kinetics, is basically a scientific study that uses physiological, psychological and mechanical mechanisms to address human body movement. If the movements are done according to the standards set in Kinesiology, the body is considered to be balanced and the most important factors that determine the balance are known as alignment and posture.

Moreover, each joint has vectors which keep the joints and muscles attached and if there is any fault in those vectors, the joints suffers extreme or deficient stress which then can be resulted into irritation, stiffness, aching and pain. Therefore, it is really important to do some corrective exercises to correct the imbalances. Here are three exercises which you can use to correct imbalances in your shoulder, neck, thigh, buttocks, hips and lower back.

Scapular Stabilization

  • Scapular stabilization was developed to correct muscles imbalances in shoulder and neck which give lots of pain if not treated in time. You don’t have to work too hard to perform this exercise but off course, you have to be very careful while performing.
  • Hold both of your arms at your side by making elbows squared and then slowly tighten serratus anterior muscle to move away scapula from spine or midline. Make sure to keep arms in line straight to your body rather than moving in forward direction. You can repeat this exercise 5 times.

Hip Stretch

  • Hip stretch is considered to be the best for inner thigh and buttocks and if you want to perform this exercise, you should come into standing position and then take your right foot into forward position by creating at least 20 inches gape. Now your right foot is into forward lean position and if you make a 90 degree angle by bending through your right foot, your knees will be right above your ankle.
  • If you really want to work with your leg, you should place your hands right on surface of the floor to support your body and then try to push down your hips and then push forward. This will make you feel stretch in your hips muscles. When you have come into the right stretching position, you should hold onto this position for 15-30 seconds and then go to the other side to stretch.

Spinal Twist

  • Spinal Twist is basically for stretching lower back, buttocks and hips and like the above exercises, it is also very easy to perform. If you want to perform spinal twist, you should sit on an exercise mate or flat floor with extended legs. Now bend your right leg to bring it over to the other side. Make sure to keep right foot flat on surface of the floor or mat outside of the knee of left leg. Now move your left elbow to pace it outside of knee of right leg and then make right arms extend behind your back while your palms are placed on floor for providing support to your body.
  • Once you come into the correct form, upper body area should be twisted toward right side while you are looking over right shoulder. When you twist your upper body area, give a little more pressure by using left elbow which is putting outside right knee.