Top 3 Exercises To Get Strong & Massive Shoulders

Building of strong and broad shoulders has always been an important aspect of bodybuilding because of its apparent beauty that catches the eyes. Beautifully built shoulders are marked as the sigh of great strength. Those who have successfully built bigger chest but still trying to build shoulders, they have yet to achieve the true essence of bodybuilding. During muscles building, you have to perform various exercises that involve arms as well as shoulders and if you have strong shoulders, you can enjoy and perform those workouts much better. The exercise for improving arms muscles also involves the shoulders in one way or the other. Since, it is really important to learn these top 3 exercises to get strong and massive shoulders.

massive shoulders

Military Press

Military Press is considered a great exercise which plays an amazing role in improving the size of your shoulders. Most of the muscles builders and trainers think it to be an essential exercise for building shoulders. Here is how you can perform this exercise.

Stand in front of the rack and get the barbell in your hands. Be very careful in keeping your hands in the correct position. Once you become sure that you have taken the barbell into right and safe position, slowly press the bar in parallel form and take it straight up and then bring down to shoulder level. You can have one, two or even three sets of 12-16 repetitions.

Overhead Squat

Another exercise for building strong and massive shoulders is Overhead Squat which might seem to be a little difficult in the beginning but this is the place where actually an old quotation applies which says “Practice makes a man perfect” and if you do some practice with this great shoulder building exercise, you will soon discover how effective it really is.

Hang Clean

The Hang Clean is thought to produce brilliant results and you will find it builds not only your shoulders but also other muscles groups. It is a compound weightlifting exercise and if used in a proper way, it can also be very good for lower, upper back, forearms and traps as well. As hang clean is a compound exercise, it uses a number of motions and it will enable you to lift much more weight than you could usually lift during your workouts. Hang clean works with various muscles and give great results.

To perform Hang clean you just need to arrange a weight bar along with weights. You can use metal weights to lift as there is usually no risk of injury because you don’t have to touch the ground. However, to be on safer side, you had better arrange rubber weights. One very important thing to keep in mind before you go to perform hang clean is that the weights should be as heavy as you can easily lift and if you feel you have taken more weight than your strength, then you must ease out the weight or else you might have some serious injuries because of the fast movement.