Top 3 Ingredients to Look For When Buying Muscle & Fitness Supplements

When the gum isn’t enough and the progress of your intense workouts is not what you have expected, the best choice left is to enhance the workout sessions with solid muscle or fitness supplements (depending on whether you are into cardio and fitness, or you are into building muscles). In both cases, you should look for products that will be worth your money and your effort in the gym.

Unfortunately, there is a great number of gym goers who take supplements without even knowing what these supplements are made of, and what effect they have on their body (health).  As there is a bulk of products that today’s market offers us, it is hard to know which of these are good for the health, because they are all introduced to us as “THE BEST and THE MOST POWERFUL ones”. False. Honestly, 80% of the bodybuilding supplements today are laboratory-made powders and capsules that cause awesome outer effects on the body, but you do not want to imagine the effect they have inside your body.

So, if you want to avoid destroying your body system and overall health with such products, take note of what are you buying and where/who are you buying them from. The most important of all is to research the benefits of supplements here and look at the ingredients. My best recommendation is to choose products that are made from nothing more and nothing less than natural ingredients and substances that the body contains by itself. This is the only way to ensure your peak performance in the gym, while improving your physique and health at the same time.

Here is the list of the top 3 ingredients you should look for when choosing your next muscle and fitness supplements:

  • Amino-Acids – They take crucial part in every muscle-build mission. Ensure that you are buying supplements that contain l-arginine, valine, leucine and isoleucine, because these belong to the group of natural amino-acids. They will help you in prolonged performance, reducing muscle breakdown and improved muscle-building potential.
  • Creatine – For all those engaged in weightlifting and strength activities (high-intensity workouts), the creatine should be the must-have ingredient of the supplements you take. The power of creatine is to enhance your strength and energy levels, thus make you strong enough to lift iron longer and heavier. The creatine can be found in the pancreas, the liver and the kidneys.
  • Agmatine Sulfate – This is a biogenic amine which is derived from the l-arginine. Another natural ingredient that produces nitric oxide (NO) which relaxes the smooth muscle tissue, thus increases the blood circulation in the body, which is very important during the workout.

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