Top 4 Excuses Not to Squat – Are They True?

There is no doubt that performing squats is really difficult and this is the reason why most of the people look for the excuses to avoid it. However, there are various other exercises which are not just difficult but also dangerous and if you are doing them then why not squats? Let’s have a look at some of the excuses which are often given by the people not to squat and also see how true they are.

Excuse # 1 – Incorrect Squatting Form is Dangerous for Knees

Some people claim that if the squats are performed with incorrect form can be very dangerous for the knees. The fact is that any exercise which you perform with incorrect form can be dangerous for any part of your body. Therefore, just blaming the squat is nothing more than a lame excuse not to squat. However, if you do half or quarter squats, it will put extreme pressure on anterior body chain which is off course not good for certain body areas.

Excuse # 2 – I Often Run and Don’t Require Squatting

Running does not help you add muscles and build your legs, therefore, if you are under the impression that you don’t need to squat because you spend lots of time in running, you are thinking wrong and you really need to come out of that impression. If you are not interested in working and building your legs, that’s a different thing but you can’t claim that running can replace squats.

Excuse # 3 – I am Sorry, I Don’t Have Access to a Squat Rack

If you are training at your home, you can get a set of squat as you really need it. It might be a little more costly for you but you can also find an inexpensive sets, however, there should not be any compromise over the quality. Even if you are buying an expensive one in high quality, it is one time investment and the results you get will be awesome.

If you are yet not ready to buy the one, you can join a gym that has squat rack. Now don’t give excuse that you gym does not have a squat rack because if it does not, you can find another gym that has the one.

Excuse # 4 – Lifting Heavy can Be Really Dangerous

Some might give an excuse that lifting is dangerous and it does not really help in building and developing muscles. Well, lifting heavy always helps in gaining muscles. It might be dangerous, there is no controversy over it but any exercise can have the same risk involved. Even if you don’t move and just sit throughout the day may be dangerous.

The experts believe that if you use proper form, have proper knowledge and clear understanding, you can greatly reduce the risk involve in weight training especially when it is about squat.

The above mentioned excuses to avoid squats are not at all true and if you really understand the importance of doing squats, you must not ignore this great exercise only because of such lame excuses.