Top 4 Misconceptions about Female Bodybuilders

The majority of the women always tries to lose excessive weight which is good but most of them often go on harsh diets, dangerously low calories and protein consumption and too much of exercises and this all is often resulted into loss of muscles as well as bones. In fact, a woman’s body has more fat than a man’ and this is what gives her body curves and if she has more muscles, it does not make her look muscular like men because of excessive fat. Check out some very common misconceptions about women’ muscles building.

Female should Follow Different Training Routines than Male

This is one of the biggest misconceptions about women bodybuilding as the scientific advancement has proven that both men and women have the same muscle tissues and there is almost no difference between them. However, their bodies have different levels of hormones which make a real difference in gaining of muscles for both men as well as women. Therefore, it is absolutely wrong to say that both should be following difference programs to get the same results.

Most Female Bodybuilders are Attracted by other Females

If might be a little surprising for you but it is another common misconception that most of the female bodybuilders have to be lesbians to become a real female bodybuilder or they will not be able to achieve their target. In fact, there is nothing true about this statement because there may be different sources of motivation behind every female bodybuilder who wants to look muscular such as the desire to look muscular or sexier, boyfriend or husband or passion for some kind of sports, etc.

Female Bodybuilders Want to Transform Themselves into Men

Third misconception about female bodybuilders is that they want to transform their bodies into muscular men’ bodies or they just want to look too big or too heavy. Well, if you think gaining stronger body can convert a woman into a man, it does not give any sense. However, if you say a woman wants to build muscles to look a better and a stronger woman, it has the logic behind it which can be accepted.

Females Try to Expose Their Figures to the World through Sports

Well, this is blame more than misconception because everyone has to right to participate in any kind of sports, athletics, games or bodybuilding competitions. There should never be any discrimination between men and women as everyone has the equal rights regardless of their gender. If you think a woman participates in a sport just to expose her body, you must know that there are various others ways to do this and you should never try to discourage her by blaming on her.

Final Words

There are lots of other misconceptions about female bodybuilders especially in underdeveloped countries which must be suppressed so every woman can participate in any field of human activity and prove herself not to be less than men. Though most of the women are mentally stronger and face everything with courage, our society must support them to follow their dreams.