Top 5 Tips to Build Muscles in Your 50s

Many people think that they are too old to begin muscles building as they have crossed their 40s or 50s and now they are not able to do anything with high intensity or their bodies cannot bear the stress from high intensive and stretching exercises. However, this thinking is absolutely wrong and the people in their fifty can also do muscles building exercises like the others who are in their 40s, 30s or 20s. This seems impossible but it is really possible as your body requires just two important factors to grow and that are good foods and effective exercises.

Surely, when you grow older, your body goes through a number of changes which can reduce its ability to produce growth hormones and muscles. This is the age when you are more prone to get injuries. Well, these are the problems and difficulties which you have to face even if you are young but it has got nothing to do with muscles building as you can still build muscles. Muscles building exercises are useful even when you are overage as these can help you prevent the risk of bone loss. They can also reduce the risk of getting various health problems which are quite common among the people in their 50s especially for those who don’t take exercises.

Here are a few steps which you can follow to overcome the problems you might come across during your muscles building mission.

1) High Intensity Training

When you begin building muscles, you should use different technique such as high-intensity training which is not just intensive but also takes little time and give more benefits. With the help of this technique, you enable your body to recover muscles quickly.

2) Warm Up Exercises

Second important thing that you must follow is that there should be a warm up session before you begin your main workouts as it increases the flow of blood in your muscles.

3) Limit Weight Training

Now you have reached to an age where you don’t need to do unlimited workouts and you must limit weight training session and try to finish it in less than one hour. When you grow older, the stress hormones commonly known as cortisol come to into peak and causes muscles breakdown. And if you do longer workouts, this will be useless for you as you won’t get what you are struggling for.

4) Prepare Eating Schedule

When you grow older, your metabolism or digestive system becomes slower and less effective in digesting foods which ultimately get stored in your body as fat. Therefore prepare a schedule for eating so you can get maximum benefits with your workouts.

The muscles building training experts have suggested amount of protein and carbs for the people in their 50s which is as follows:

  • Whey Protein 50 grams
  • Carbohydrates 100 grams
  • Healthy fats 30 grams

5) Use of supplements

You should also use and add supplements to your diet menu. One of the most effective supplements is creatine monohydrate and it is recommended to take 5 grams a day.