Top 5 Tips To Increase Bench Press

“How to improve bench press?” This is one of the most frequently asked questions concerning muscle building. It is also a very common thought that the bench press is just a way to check someone’s power, strength and stamina and if someone is having heavier bench than the other bodybuilders in the same gym, he is considered the king of all the others. However, the experienced and mature muscle builders can understand that this is not 100% true when it is about whole body strength measurement. However, bench press is a good technique to check the strength of upper area. This article is about increasing bench press and here you are going to discover the top 5 tips that surely work. If you are trying to increase your bench press for a long time but yet unable to get the points, you will find these tips quite helpful.

bench press

Tip # 1: Focus on Quality not Quantity

First of all you have to make yourself believe that you can not become a successful bodybuilder by training too much as merely quantity does not produce good results. If you think that the large number of sets and reps can get you quality of work, you are absolutely wrong and you must get out of this imaginary world. Focus on overall body training rather than just doing bench presses everyday. Doing bench press 1 or 2 days out of 7 days should be great enough for you. Don’t ever push your body into overtraining.

Tip # 2: Improve Eating Habits to Improve Bench Press

If you have not included proper forms of protein, carbs and nutrition in your diet to improve your overall body health, don’t dream to increase your bench press as large meals are the essential part of your muscle building program and if you ignore this essential muscle building element, you will surely find unsatisfactory results. Increase the number of your daily meals upto 5 or more, if you have 3 meals a day.

Tip # 3: Get Enough Sleep

For your body sleep is as important as protein, nutrition and mineral. Since, you must get enough sleep especially during the night time. This will not just make you fresh and relaxed but will also help you improve muscle growth as the natural healing system of your body repairs the damaged tissues and muscles while you are dreaming. Relaxation of your mind and body will automatically increase your bench press.

Tip # 4: Rest between Sets

Sleep is the period when you don’t have to do hardships but while you are training, you really get hard time and to save your body from tiredness or any unexpected injury, you must have some rest between the every two workouts. Resting also prepare you to give better performance in the next training session.

Tip # 5: Correct Your Technique

The reason for not improving bench press even after many months might also be the use of wrong technique such as holding bar incorrectly, shaking body during the exercise, bringing up or down the bar in the wrong way, etc.