Top 6 Techniques to Gain More In Less Time from Weight Training

There is no need to spend lots of time every day in a weight room throughout the week to bring positive changes to your body but a resistance training that puts more focus on technique can bring you much better results in less time without putting you at the risk of major injuries. Here are a few tips to improve your technique and if you follow them correctly, there are greater chances that you will gain more in less time from your weight training program.

Proper Form & Technique

If you normally perform twenty or more reps with sloppy technique, you might get no benefit from doing more as proper technique always rules which means if you perform ten or eight reps with proper form and perfect technique and then have a break, you can get much better results.

Time to Spend in Single Repetition

Resistance Training is not about fast movement but it is about doing everything move slowly with proper form. You should spend at least 6 seconds in one repetition which means 2 seconds in lifting weight and 4 seconds in lowering down the weight slowly but in a controlled manner. It has been observed that many weight lifters rush in lifting which compels them to use momentum rather than muscles.

Breathing during Lifting & Lowering

Breathing is another essential factor of weight lifting and the weight lifting gurus believe that a proper way of breathing will make each of your move more effective. Therefore, you should be exhaling when you are lifting and inhaling when you are lowering down the weight.

Maintaining Proper Posture

You must never ignore this most important factor as it is what guarantees that you are going to the right track with different groups of muscles. If you maintain proper posture, your muscles can be saved from getting injured. For example, if you are performing a seated exercise then you should sit up straight to make the correct posture.

Muscle Fatigue & Repetition Zone

Remember that a set of good exercise hits the finishing line when your muscles begin feeling fatigue and this is the actual point when you find yourself unable to perform another rep with proper form and technique. For example, if you are doing a set of 8-12 reps, your muscles should be fatigue at the end but if they don’t, you need to perform additional reps so you can hit finishing zone. Next time, you should also increase the weight so you can get muscles fatigue within suggested period.

Concentrate on What You Doing

If someone is trying to lose weight or improve general fitness levels, you don’t always have to concentrate on what you doing because if you are just running, your body is working to burn calories and there is no need to make your mind focus on your activities. However, muscles building is a different case and you have to keep your brain, body and muscles at the same page because they all are connected with each other.