Top 7 Exercise Equipments for Your Home Gym

Many people don’t like to work outside of home or at the gym and if you are one of them you have to be ready to establish your home gym or the other thing you can do is that you can buy some easily available and low cost exercise equipments.

1) Exercise Mats

The first item that you need to perform at home is an exercise mat which will enable you to perform various exercises without laying on surface of the floor such as leg raises or crunches. Mats are available in different colors, sizes and most importantly in different styles which will allow you to the one that fits best on your requirement.

2) Hand & Leg Weights

Weight is the second important item which you will surely need. Though the option may be limited if compared to the weight machines and equipment available at the gym, you can still get some items quite similar to the ones which are used at the gym such as dumbbells which can be chosen in different weight size from 1-110 pounds. You can also buy other hand weights such as barbells or leg weights.

3) Resistance Bands

You should also buy resistance bands for your home gym as they will not cost you too much but will give you lots of benefits. These rubber made bands are elastic, portable, lightweight and low space occupying. They are exclusively designed to build strength and muscles and can be used to targeted different groups of muscles.

4) Swiss Ball

There is equipment called Swiss Ball which is used to stable balance, improve muscles coordination, strengthen and tone muscles. The most important thing about Swiss Ball is that you will really enjoying exercising with this simple ball as it also allows you to enhance recovery process.

5) Aerobic Step

Nowadays aerobic step comes in some of the most popular forms of exercise equipment. When you use aerobic step, it gives you lots of physical advantages along with fun and you don’t have to do lots of efforts because it is quite easy to perform. They are low impact but give great strength to the muscles found in lower body area. Moreover, you can easily afford to buy an aerobic step as it does not cost a lot.

6) Jumping Rope

You can also get jumping rope which will enable you to have cardio with high intensity and when you use jumping rope, it gives you both balance and quickness. The best thing about such ropes is that you can carry and use them anywhere and anytime. You don’t have to allocate a specific area for installing jumping rope as they are portable and can be carried anywhere.

7) Exercise Chart

Last but not the least item for your home gym is exercise chart which should be hanged and displayed on the walls on the area where you want to do exercises. These charts can provide you great assistance and guidance in performing exercise in much better way with proper form to get maximum benefits. They can be purchased from local markets, gyms or you can also buy them from online stores.