Top 7 Tips to Grow Your Shoulders

Who does not want bigger shoulders? Everyone, who is working at the gym for gaining size and strength, tries to build and grow shoulders, but most of the people don’t really know how to do it and this is the reason why most of them fail. There are seven very simple tips which can help you achieve.

Tip # 1

Shoulders can easily grip number which means a number of reps in a single day and the quality development shoulders can be achieved with swimming. Swimming enables the easy flow of blood in your body which develops a good base for building of great shoulders and when you will add heavy weight lifting to your workout, the results will be quite quick and immediate.

Tip # 2

In case you have to work with a barbell, make sure that the pressure is from inward direction when you try to bend bar. In addition to this, the dumbbells requires putting of thumb lower which means you should not keep your thumb higher than the remaining part of your hand.

Tip # 3

If you know someone who can teach you how to do clean & press, this will be really good for you as this is one of the most effective means to fuel the nervous system. If you have a couple of sets when you begin your main workout, this will give you a head start and the effectiveness will be greatly improved.

Tip # 4

You might have seen most of the people performing dumbbell seated presses right from their side; you might have also noticed that there is a bigger gap between the chair and their lower back. This is in fact an incline bench press position. People use it for building shoulders but this is not so effective for training and building shoulders. However, it is good for improving chest.

Decrease the gap and curtail your abs as this technique will provide you with more stability and proper shoulder building.

Tip # 5

Another important tip is to slow down which is for every exercise you perform not just for specific shoulder exercises. But as far as shoulder training is concerned, it is usually performed in a casual and hurried way which often leads to the injuries or inflammation to the shoulders.

If you begin the training in such a manner, this will not let your muscle fibers get warmed properly which will results in less effectiveness of your workouts and therefore, it is really important to create tension in the shoulder region which is to be trained.

Tip # 6

When you exercise to target medial delts, make sure you are moving your elbow rather than wrist and turn your wrist for moving dumbbells slightly downward which will make medial delts works in much better way.

Tip # 7

Another important thing which is often ignored is upper back and this is the main reason which causes various shoulder injuries because of overloading of torso front region without maintaining a balanced back. It is important to do face pulls, reverse shrugs, j-pulls & wall before you do other upper body workouts.