Truth About Six Pack Abs Review

Quick Overview of Truth About Six Packs Abs

Product’s Name:                             Truth About Abs
Author Name:                                 Mike Geary
Available Format:                          Digital
Delivery Method:                            Instant Download
Free Bonuses:                                4 Bonuses
Regular Cost :                                $200
Discounted Cost:                            $39.95
Program Upgrades:                       Yes
Money Back Guarantee:                Available
Period to Claim For Refund:          60 Days

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Truth About Six Packs Abs Review – Muscular Six Packs Abs Is No More A Dream

truthaboutsixpackabsMike Geary has developed the system of Truth About Six Pack Abs that aims to work on three angles as reducing the body fat, attaining a muscular physique and developing inner strength and power that is the grace of being a man. Its 150+ page e-book is a guide to develop and maintain a finely-cut muscular midsection along with inner strength and everlasting health. The package includes a main guidebook of exercise and nutrition, a DVD of fat loss by Kim Lyons and a set of audios for powered fitness.

Complete Package Details Of Truth About Six Packs Abs

Truth About Six Pack Abs is a system based on nutrition and exercise.

1) Exercise

Don’t get bored with similar type of exercises. Mike has introduced a unique system of exercises which don’t let the body get immune to the exercise and continues to produce results every passing day. The main focus of Mike’s exercises is on high intensity weight lifting workouts. The initial phase exercises operate to reduce body fat, particularly belly fat. Then the exercises for six packs Abs start. Mike has replaced cardio exercises with innovative exercises which he has personally devised.

2) Nutrition

For controlled health, Mike offers a complete package of nutritional guide in which he not only tells about the health-suitable-foods but also comes up with a few tactics of reducing junk food craving. A 7-day diet plan goes hand in hand with the workout process.

Mike Geary – The Truth About Six Packs Abs Developer

Mike GearyMike Geary is a renowned name for The Men’s Health and Oxygen readers. With his model-like six packs, Mike is a specialist in fitness, nutrition and health. With his years of study, Mike has developed a package of several exercises personally which helps to attain better and harder six packs in less period. The nutrition program is based on Mike’s studies and researches. He has also developed a personal metabolic calculator to help the users maintain their inner health.

What Will You Learn in Truth About Six Packs Abs?

In this program you will learn the following;

  • You will learn about all necessary exercises which will help you build muscles as soon as possible. Most of these exercises are high intensity and considered to be really effective in providing high intensity to the muscles to make them grow faster.
  • You will learn about some of the most effective cardio exercises with which you will start burning fat much faster. There are a number of cardio exercises with which you can burn fat but most of them will give you slow progress. However, the exercises suggested in this program will be quicker in producing results.
  • You will learn about the role of nutrition in improving your overall body health. You will be familiar with all the types of nutrient which are effective in boosting metabolism. You will also be suggested some source of nutrients to eat so you can stay full during the day.
  • The simple fat loss exercises which are the part of this program are illustrated with the help of photos. In addition to this, the detailed description of each exercise along with necessary instructions will help you understand and perform these exercises more effectively.
  • You will also be told about the fat gaining foods which you prefer to eat on daily basis or most of the days in week. These foods are actually killing your body’s ability to burn fat.
  • The meal plans included in the program are healthy and balanced. These meals have been discovered by the nutrition experts and will provide you lean muscles. You can enjoy these foods and the fat burning in the result.

Free Bonuses

  • Bonus # 1: Online Video Series: It is a DVD Version in which Kim Lyon is talking about 5 ways to lose weight.
  • Bonus # 2: It is a video gallery of Home Workout along with 4 M-Power Fast-Fitness Audios
  • Bonus # 3: 8 Weeks Body Weight Fusion Program
  • Additional Bonuses: It includes a book about 7-Day Back Pain Relief and healthy recipes for desert.

Cost of the Discounted Package

The main program costs worth is $49.99 and three bonuses worth is $150.89 which cost $200.88 as total cost of the package. However, the complete package is available for sale at $39.95 as a discounted price.

Money Back Guarantee

Truth About Six Packs Abs has been backed up with a two month money back guarantee which will enable you claim for a refund if you don’t find it as effective as you want.


  • Specific Quantity of Fat Required
    It is scientifically proven that a particular type of body requires a specific quantity of fat. This system focuses primarily on reducing fat which in turn can result in lower metabolism if the quantity of fat becomes insufficient for the body.
  • Intensive Weight-Lifting
    The intense weight lifting exercises can turn out to be an ‘impossible task’ for the users.
  • Huge Amount of Information
    Every individual has different level of reading ability and some might find it quite difficult to read such as big pages that contains more than 140 pages.
  • Unnecessary Explanations
    On some pages, you will find unnecessary explanations about certain exercises.
  • Requires Dedication
    This system requires every individual to give proper time and show dedication.
  • Change Dieting Habits
    It also requires changes in dieting habits of the user or else he/she may not get the good results.
  • Takes Some More Time
    Some of you might not find the quick solution for your fat loss and muscle building problems.


  • With the help of Mike’s metabolism calculator, one can reduce the task of exhaustion or minor cardiac problems.
  • Mike has adopted a practical approach towards six packs abs which is though slow, but lasts forever.
  • The nutritional guide does not leave user craving for foods he/she loves. The diet plan can be ignored once in a week for satisfying food cravings.
  • The program works effectively for men and women.
  • It is also applicable for the elderly people.

Truth About Six Packs ABS Scam???

Overall review of this product gives a good picture and it might not seem to be scam. Those who have bought and used this system find it satisfactory as it has given them really good results in burning fat and building lean muscles.

The system of Truth About Six Packs Abs is developed with proper scientific consideration that not only results in a hard-rock six packs midsection but also brings about vital health and inner strength. Mike believes in slow and steady wins the race. Mike’s system is effective for men and women both. If you want a lean tummy or a hard six packs midsection, this system will work on your belly and it does deserve a try at least. In case of zero results, Mike’s 100% money back guarantee is here to help you.