Twenty Minutes To Cure Your Toothache

Probably the most ignored parts of our bodies are our feet, back, and teeth. While pedicures and massages are considered a luxury for many, unfortunately, dental care doesn’t seem to take priority. It’s not that people with good dental hygiene don’t suffer from oral afflictions. The propensity of having such problems increases if you don’t care for your mouth, gums, teeth, and tongue.

The next time you do a search for a dentist office near me on Google, it’s pretty much obvious you have a pressing concern and want some relief immediately. Halitosis is a prevalent problem with the number of tobacco users and coffee drinkers on the rise. It requires constant attention, at least till the time it is brought sufficiently under control. Along with what your dentist might suggest you for oral care, you also need to make sure you brush after every meal or at least have mouthwash handy. Try reducing the intake of sugary and caffeinated drinks. Lukewarm water will be the best for you. However, problems like bleeding gums, weak root canals or cavities can often take a turn for the serious if not looked at early on.

According to the CDC, nearly half of the US adults suffer from periodontitis. This is one of the major causes of tooth loss in adults. This is an advanced form of gum disease that mostly follows untreated gingivitis. Both these problems can occur due to a variety of health or lifestyle choices. Skipping brushing or flossing, using tobacco, having crooked unclean teeth, being pregnant, having diabetes or taking certain medications can lead to gingivitis. Consulting your dentist on a regular basis, once a month can easily prevent such problems. Initial stages of gingivitis does not cause any pain but often lead to bad breath. If you often are commented upon about your bad breath, it is a good idea to see a dentist on the double.

Other problems that are as severe for oral health are thrush, darkened teeth, and canker sores. Thrush is a yeast infection that appears like a white film in the mouth. People using steroids to manage asthma, or those suffering from HIV/AIDS or cancer are most likely to have this affliction. This can also happen with people having uncontrolled diabetes. Checking with a dentist will help in a major way as the medication prescribed can deal with thrush quite effectively. Darkened teeth mostly happen after a trauma, where one or more teeth might seem darker than the rest. The afflicted teeth might be trying to protect a nerve ending or it may already be dead. Depending on the case, your dentist might recommend a root canal and a crown. It might even be necessary to remove the teeth in some cases. Canker sores are small white or grey sores found mostly under your tongue. They could be caused due to a weak immune system and through bacteria or viruses. Regardless, they do cause irritation if you consume hot, spicy or acidic foods. A dentist can suggest you a mouthwash that will soothe the irritation and help the sore heal faster.

Be it removing a tooth with the cavity or overall oral care and hygiene, consulting a dentist, that too one that nearby always helps. And always remember to brush twice a day.