Different Types of Maxes – Which One is Yours?

Knowing your max is often very confusing for most of the people because of no proper classification of the maxes. However, some experts have divided them into different types according to their features and it has become much easier to recognize max. Below you will find various types of maxes which will help you decide what type you have been working with. There are no proper names to describe them and therefore description names have been given to them so they can be differentiated with each other.

Day-to-Day Max

A Day-to-Day Max is considered to be the heaviest amount of weight lifted on a certain day. The general rule to decide the maximum of the day is 3 attempts per day. You try and if you fail or miss, the last successful attempt of the day will be treated as max of the day.

Perfectly Technical Max

This is another technique used to reach your max but off course it is a little bit different as you have to use the perfect technique and there must not be major deviation. This type of max is a little lower than your regular training max. However, when you practice more, you get advanced which enables you to bring both training max and technical max closer.

Most of the weight lifters can’t produce their best with their technical max; instead they give all their focus on maxes which are involved in getting larger numbers. Technical max is also considered to be an ideal for those who prefer to use it when working their max figure with some newer training program.

Entire Training Cycle Max

The training cycle max is something which is built up over a longer period which includes few weeks or even months in some cases. This max depends upon various factors which include strength, recovery, nutrition, lifestyle etc. if you reach to the max when you are finishing your training session, it might be because of certain reasons, tapering or rep schemes etc. This may be quite useful for you and you can use it as a marker to compare your performance and progress during entire training cycle.

Training Max

As far as the training max is concerned, it is your training max which means the max that you have ever reached throughout your training. It is something which often happens on a day when you experience various other things all together.

TraMax cannot be the most brilliant forms of lifts and may not come under the category of standards of the competition. However, you can take it as a good marker which can be used to compare with other types of maxes that you hit during your training.

Competition Max

As the name itself shows that it is sometime about competition and it is actually the highest number of max you have even hit during the completion. The competition max is a number which you achieve in weight room or hitting in a platform but there is a big difference in both of the cases. If you are trying to get a real competition max, you need to take good training cycle so you can be ready for the competition.