A Unique Training Approach – Intensification & Accumulation

In this article, you will learn about a fast approach towards training commonly known as controlled overtraining. Most of you might have already known about overtraining and the way to keep it under control, however, you might not know how to bring betterment in the results while still trying to touch the edge of overtraining.

Is Overtraining Dangerous?

Well, yes, it can be very dangerous and may lead to the loss of muscles mass, loss of strength and various other minor and major injuries. The other common symptoms of overtraining include depression and weak immune system. Body training for strength and mass is off course not some kind of a fun game but it can actually be really serious, therefore, you must avoid overtraining.

Controlled Overtraining Approach

If you follow a controlled overtraining approach, it will lead you to the brink of overtraining but you will still be saved and will prevent the injuries and other symptoms. In fact, it is all about following the two basic rules of training which are intensification and accumulation. The basic logic behind this training approach is that you will work to increase the volume of training while trying to decrease the resting periods.

Higher Training Level

If understand the importance of higher training level before you reach to the edge of overtraining, you must know that it is the core point that leads towards the fastest results you can ever achieve. Once you target this level, you can turn up to the longer rest and lower volume.

Accumulation Phase

This training approach is considered to be the most effective framework which has been accepted by the leading coaches and expert trainers all around the world. It is not a newly introduced approach but has been in use for a long time. It is really effective and quite simple to continue for weeks to push up workout by enhancing the volume of basic training and reducing the resting time period between the two sets until you get to the edge of overtraining. This is called the accumulation phase of your training.

Intensification Phase

When you reach to the brink of over training, you have to bring down the volume of training while enhancing the resting time period between the two sets. This is not just finish here but you will also begin loading heavier weights and this is what we call intensification.

The main logic behind the use of intensification is to help you stay within the specific training. It lets your body recover from both intensification as well as accumulation phases right before you find yourself into the position to being with it.

Final Words

While you are in your accumulation phase, you can try a number of different exercises to follow a safe training approach. In this period the most important thing that you must keep in your mind is that you should do higher volumes with lighter weight while having fewer reps.

While having accumulation period, make sure to have shorter resting period. However, while you are going through this period, you can get your body into overtraining by enhancing the reps. The under training mood of intensification and accumulation is where you actually bring your body into the best position to achieve what it has been trying for.