Upright Cable Row – Trapezius Muscle

Upright Cable Row is really an effective strengthening exercise for trapezius muscles and is often suggested by the training experts to those who have started training in their intermediate level.

  • This is a compound type exercise and mainly focuses on improving traps, however, there is another muscle group in the body which indirectly gets involved in the training and gets the effects.
  • As the upright cable row uses a cable, you need to have cable and pulley as essential equipment to perform this particular exercise.
  • However, if you intend to do this exercise, there are a few precautions that you must keep in your mind or else you may get injuries.
  • Don’t try to use or lift the weight more than your present strength. If you choose the wrong or an excessive weight size, this may lead to build a wrong body shape and you would not like it.
  • Second reason to avoid putting too much of weight is that it may cause you many serious injuries or other complications.
  • Therefore, you must avoid doing some kind of swinging, jerking or cheating and if you do, you may soon see the undesired results which will stop you getting the benefits of this great exercise for your traps.

How to Perform Upright Cable Row

  1. To perform the upright cable row, hold a cable bar attached with a pulley. The bar should be straight and the pulley should be low. The bar will be placed on the thighs with your arms extended while the elbows are slightly bent and the back should be straight.
  2. Lift the cable bar with the help of the side shoulders and exhale while doing this. Continue to lift the bar until it reaches to the point where it can easily touch your chin. You can do the recommended number of repetitions.