What are the unusual uses of fractional laser treatment for pigmentation?

Skin pigmentation develops due to genetic and environmental interaction. It is most often occur in dark-skin people but can also affect fairer-skin people especially when getting overexposure to sunlight. Pigmentation of the skin is difficult to get rid off using creams or any topical agents. However, with the advancement of skin resurfacing technique, we now can permanently remove pigmentation of the skin with one go.

How is fractional laser treatment works?

Fractional laser treatment uses the concept of self-healing of the person’s own skin to replace the purposely destroyed layer of the defect skin area. The laser penetrates a deeper layer of the skin and heats it until the layer is damaged to initiate a self-healing process. The healing process is important as it makes collagen and elastin, the main building blocks for more elastic and filled skin. The laser treatment, particularly the fractional laser is also better than other forms of laser treatment as it only causes damage to the deeper layer of the skin. This gives a better skin complexion besides having better downtime period.

What else fractional treatment can be used for?

  1. Wrinkles

Wrinkles perhaps are the most common reason why people go for this type of treatment. The effectiveness of laser treatment particularly fractional laser in treating wrinkles has been established in a lot of research and trials before. The type of wrinkles it can treat are such as the frown lines, “crow’s feet”, nasolabial folds, and forehead lines.

  • Acne Scars

Acne is a major cosmetic issue that is faced by the majority of people. Most of the time, the acne will disappear without leaving a scar with proper treatment. In certain people, acne can cause scars such as “ice pick” and keloid scars. Fractional laser treatment will repair this problem similar to that of wrinkle treatment.

  •  Blotchy Skin

This is a condition faced by many fairer-skin people where there is an uneven skin tone on their face or body. It can be due to multiple factors such as genetic/hereditary, overexposure to sunlight and due to skin diseases such as eczema or psoriasis. Like pigmentation treatment, the fractional laser will cause damage to the deep layer of the skin so that new and rejuvenating skin can be formed with an evener skin tone and texture.

Patients undergoing this treatment need not worry about the effect that they will see during the downtime period. Their skin will look as if it just got a sunburn during this period. This is a natural process after the treatment and not due to worsening of their skin condition. After the downtime is done, they will see the desired result for their skin.

  • Surgical or traumatic scar

Having done surgery is always an unpleasant experience. This is made worse if the scar from the surgery cannot be hidden or covered. The surgical scar can also become hypertrophic or keloidal. This, however, can also be managed with fractional laser method. The result is highly satisfying for most people with the scars almost to completely unnoticeable to other people eyes.

In summary, fractional laser treatment has been proven its effectiveness in dealing with many of the skin conditions. It can help permanently remove pigmentation as well as with other cosmetic problems.