Using HIIT for Weight Cutting Hastens the Process

Professional athletes understand the need for weight cutting. It is true especially among those who want to qualify for a lower weight class like combat sports. It is also true among athletes who want to weigh as light as possible as it is considered an advantage. Equestrian is one of the best examples.

Weight cutting is a practice where athletes have to lose weight quickly so they will meet their desired weight just in the nick of time. Usually, it involves losing fat and muscles before the event or simply reducing water content in the body in days leading up to the competition.

One of the most effective strategies in weight cutting is the HIIT or high-intensity interval training. Considering how it hastens weight loss, it is worth the try. There are a lot of regular gym exercises that can integrate the concept of HIIT so you can quickly achieve your fitness goals. In fact, even those who are not into sports, but still want to lose weight in half the time, can make use of HIIT as a strategy.

Useful Exercises

Whether you are using gym equipment in exercising or not, integrating the concept of HIIT is possible. For instance, you can try jumping jacks. Normally, you will just stand with your feet apart and jump while raising your arms. To make it more intense, you can do 10 quick jumping jacks before taking a 5-second rest. You can repeat this process for at least 5 cycles for maximum results.

The same thing is true for sumo squats. For this technique, using weights is recommended to exercise both your upper and lower body. To make it more intense, you can repeat the process a lot faster for the first 2 minutes. You can rest for 30 seconds, before starting again. You can increase the time for doing the squats whilee reducing the time for rest in between.

Integrating HIIT with cycling or running is also an option. Normally, you will spend 30 to 45 minutes with your regular routine. Using HIIT, you will only spend 15 minutes. Start by doing warm up exercises, before stepping on the treadmill or bike. On the first 2 minutes, run with moderate speed. Decrease the speed for 15 seconds before moving on to a more intense speed for the next 3 minutes. You will then go back to a 30-second low speed before hitting another 3-minute intense running. Keep doing the intense run and break, up until you reach 15 minutes.

Why is HIIT Effective?

Studies have proven that using HIIT as a technique in hastening weight loss is effective. The short duration of events will prevent catabolic states from arising. This means that they can’t consume muscle tissue and at the same time, create a stronger fat burning effect. During the process, your muscles build up while fat is eliminated.

You will also be surprised that even if you are exposed in an intense exercise, you are more energized after working out, instead of being drained. You will also be a in a better mood and an overall energetic feeling.

As a result, your performance in sports is enhanced. You become quicker and more agile. You also become more focused in achieving your goals.