Vertical Leg Crunches – Simple & Effective Ab Exercises

Life is too busy and it has become so difficult to spare some time to go to a gym for workouts. On the other hands, there are many people who have the time but can’t afford the high fees of gyms. In both the situation, you don’t need to be worried as you can do everything at home without going to gym and without spending your hard earned money. In this article, you will discover the most effective exercises for getting stronger abs.

Vertical Leg Crunches

Vertical crunches are considered to be the best abs exercises which are simple yet so effective and the best thing about them is that you can easily perform them inside your home without going to gym or any other place. The vertical leg crunches work for rectus abdominals & the oblique.

How to Perform VLC Correctly?

It is really important to use correct form of Vertical crunch as the wrong or incorrect form can results into injuries and undesired results. There are few important steps which you should follow to correct your form.

1st Step

Lie down straight onto the floor facing up. Keep both of your arms on your sides and extend both legs straight while your knees are crossed.

2nd Step

When you have taken the above mentioned position, place your hands across your chest or beside your head and then make an upwards crunch same like the regular abdominal crunch.

3rd Step

Hold on that position for a short time so your abdominal muscles get maximum contracted and then release your upper body area to go back to the previous down position so all muscles get relaxed.

Vertical Bench Crunches

Vertical Bench Crunches is another great exercise to help you build lower abdominal area. To perform vertical bench crunches, you need a vertical bench bar which is basically a machine used to place elbows on both sides of the bars to support your body while hanging.

How to Perform VBC Correctly?

First Step

If you have an access to a Vertical Bench, get on it to take a hanging position.

Second Step

Rise or lift your knees as high as you can easily manage but don’t try to lift too high as this may also cause injuries if you won’t be able to balance your body weight.

Third Step

At the highest possible position, hold on to the position for a few seconds and let your abs feel contract harder.

Forth Step

Bring your knees to the previous position and then repeat the same exercise. You can also try a full vertical crunch which is performed by extending both legs into the air.