The Vital Role of Genetics in Growth of Muscles

Genetics and Muscles Growth is really an important topic which must be discussed with in depth knowledge and research because of its sensitivity. You can’t ignore the vital role of genetics in muscles growth as it has been proven that it really plays its vital role in growth of muscles.

A study was conducted on the subject for which 585 men and women were selected and recommended to follow same training protocol for 12 weeks in which they performed various exercises but the results were different and there were different responses towards the same workouts.

Someone, who came up with the best results, successfully increased 59% of muscles mass and 250% of strength. On contrary, another came up with the worst results and found 2% decreased in muscles mass with no gain in strength. Now the question is that how genetics affect muscles growth? There are found major ways which are mentioned below:

Production of Growth Hormones

The amount of growth hormone and testosterone that is produced by the body plays a significant role in increasing the amount of muscles, gaining strength and process of recovery. The more testosterone you have, the more muscles you gain. Here comes the role of genetics because of the fact that some people are genetically more capable to produce more amount of testosterone and other growth hormones which help them gain more muscles faster.

Various Somatotypes

There are three main body types which are known as Mesomorphs, Ectomorphs and Endomorphs and all of them have unique features and capabilities to respond to exercises, workouts and diet plans.

 Mesomorphs are considered to be more capable to see greater fat loss and muscular hypertrophy. They have faster metabolisms and athletic built.
 As far as Ectomorphs are concerned, they usually have little fat along with little muscle. They have faster metabolism which his good as they don’t gain excessive fat while on the other hands it is bad as it also prevent muscles gain.
 Endomorphs can carry more fat as well as muscles. They find it much easier to gain fat when struggling to wear muscles. However, if they are trying to burn fat, they find it a little more difficult.

Length of Muscle Fibers

Another major factor in growth of muscles is the length of muscles fibers. If you compare the length of muscles fibers between average persons and pro bodybuilders, you will discover that pro builders have more muscles fibers and those who have longer muscles usually experience more growth of muscles.

Satellite Cells Within Muscles

There are satellite cells around your body muscles and when they contribute nuclei to muscles cells, the muscles grow. If you stimulate satellite cells to generate genetic material, they will signal muscles. Those, who have higher potential of genetic bodybuilding, are believed to have satellite cells in large number.


Nobody can deny the role of genetic and its potential which let everyone knows his/her limit and bounding. However, it does not mean that if you don’t have an ideal genetic makeup, you can’t grow muscles. You can still achieve targeted muscles mass and an impressive body physique if you work hard with dedication and honestly.