Waist Trainers

Over the last few years’ waist trainers have made a comeback from the mid-century times when women tightened themselves into their slim-fitted dresses with corsets. Celebrities have flocked towards the trend for their supposed thinning effects, that now align with the trendy look of today. But to really understand if these supposed magic trimmers will help people not only lose weight but look thin, we give you the full review of waist trainers. 

Waist trainers are designed to gradually mold your body into an hourglass figure. There are many shapes, sizes and forms of trainers, but the most common is the corset cincher. The corset trainer has a firm wired body and rows of hooks (typically three) that can be pulled tighter over time.  

Waist trainers are meant to be worn for up to eight hours a day, but it is recommended to start with a lower amount of time until your body gets used to the tightening effect. A 2010 study found wearing a corset while on a low-calorie diet can indeed help you lose weight and achieve a smaller waist size, once you can get past the discomfort of the trainer. 

Waist trainers work by molding the lower part of your rib cage. As those bones at the bottom of your rib cage are more malleable, they will form to the shape of the trainer over time. The results can be drastic, but they are not permanent, so it is important to wear the trainer often to see the best results. 

“The corset gives you the immediate fix. It will shape the muscles of your waist for the short time you’re wearing it,” Dr. D. Sajee Lekawa, an internist and medical director of the UCI Health Medical Group said. 

Waist trainers also create a thermogenic effect around your stomach area, this burns unwanted fat and helps rid toxins in your skin through excess sweat. Lastly, the waist trainer will suppress your appetite, helping you eat less and curb cravings. You will see the aesthetic effects of the waist trainer along with the physical results. 

Laura Argintar, a writer for Elite Daily, wore a waist trainer for two weeks and recorded her experience saying, “I tried eating a steak and beer dinner in it (the corset) and can’t tell if this was a genius move or a terrible one. I couldn’t finish my steak (never happens) and I couldn’t finish my beer (never happens) because there was simply no room in my squashed stomach for the rest to go. I vaguely remember Vanna B. noting eating meals in it will make you eat less. Her words did not fail me.” 

It is best to pair a healthy and controlled diet along with a workout regimen when wearing a corset, this will give you the best results in your journey to lose weight or achieve that coveted hourglass figure. Also, finding a high-quality trainer will give you better results as well as allow the corset to last you for a long time, getting the most out of your investment.  If you are looking for true results, you can find inspiration in the Guinness book of world record’s winner for the smallest waist, Cathie Jung. She has waist trained for most of her life and has extensive results to prove it. But in the name of moderation, waist trainers will give you that thin hourglass look with a normal amount of wear. Test it out to see if it is right for you and put the right care and effort into making it a healthy habit.