Ways to Keep Fit Throughout The Year

Staying fit and active through all the seasons of the year can be quite challenging. It is easier to workout regularly in the warm summer months than during the cold holiday season with all the distractions from celebrations, family gatherings and work parties. However, with some thoughtful planning you can create an effective exercise routine for each season. The following tips will help you to stay fit throughout the year.


Set Goals and Plan Ahead

Set fitness goals that will keep you active through all seasons. Your goals should include the kind of food you will eat and the type of exercises you will do. Create some milestones that will help you to stay motivated. There are four seasons of the year, so you can set milestones for each of them. Set your ideal weight, and give yourself a reward for achieving each fitness target. For instance, you may determine the size of bathing suit you will use to swim at summer or the waistline of the pants you want to buy. Also, plan for your trips at the beginning of the year. If you intend to travel, you should do some research about gym memberships and find out about hiking trails where you can run and keep fit.

Workout With Your Family

During most holiday seasons, you will spend more time with family members. In addition to the normal eating and drinking, there several ways to be active during the holidays. Playing simple games like hide and seek will help you to run around and exercise various muscles in your body. You may also incorporate a 30-minute family walk in your neighbourhood after your evening meal. This little physical exercises will not get you to burn thousands of calories but they will stop you from accumulating unnecessary fat.

Add Variety to Your Routine

A repetitive exercise routine can become tiring and boring, particularly when the weather gets very cold and is less conducive for exercise. Add new activities into your routine. Each exercise should be interesting, challenging and provide an opportunity to meet a different set of people, This will motivate you and help you to look forward to it. For instance, you can add exercise classes such as pilates, kickboxing or yoga. If you enjoy dancing, you may also include ballroom dancing. you can even go for outdoor cycling with your friends to enjoy the ride and also to explore places, you can have best hybrid bikes to ride on any kind of terrain be it mountains or cliffs. This variety will enable you to enjoy the benefits of cross-training which include strength, endurance, injury prevention, and faster muscle recovery.

Use Indoor Training Facilities

If you find it difficult to ride your bike or run outside because of inclement weather, you can still run or walk indoors to stay fit. Look for an indoor sports track to use during winter. You may also plan to take on spinning classes at the local gym. Invest in some indoor exercise equipment and DVD’s so you can continue doing your exercises at home. If you know that you will not have access to any gym when you travel on holidays, you should take some portable fitness equipment along. For example a suspension trainer, tubing or rip trainer will give you the opportunity to do a workout for at least 15 to 20 minutes indoors every day.

No matter how challenging it may be, you can find a way to workout and keep fit through all seasons of the year. So plan ahead and look for opportunities to exercise your body, avoid putting on excess weight and stay healthy.