Weight Loss and Muscle Building with HCG Diet

The HCG or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin diet is a severe form of a weight loss program which is known as the very low calorie diet(VLCD). The diet comprises of only 500 calories per day which can be attained with intense dedication and hard work. The presence of the HCG in the diet plays the major role in suppressing the appetite. This hormone is extracted from the body of the pregnant ladies and then transformed into HCG drops. HCG diet phases are designed in such a way that allows the hormones to both build up metabolism and to lose weight.

Does HCG diet cause muscle loss?

HCG diet can lead to muscle loss, and this is generally experienced by people who vigorously follow the HCG diet. Though the low calorie diet leads to muscle loss along with water, there is no reason to panic as this issue can be easily overcome in quite a number of ways. It’s the dietary protein that ensures your lean muscle tissues are well-maintained and therefore prevents the body from extracting energy from the muscle tissues. So in short, when the HCG diet is mainly used up as energy it fails to retain the muscle tissues. If you can avoid this then your body will only lose the extra fat and not the muscles.

How to prevent muscle loss in the HCG diet?

The whole purpose of dieting would be to make sure that the unwanted fats get burned out. HCG diet helps in drastic weight loss thereby ensuring well-toned muscles which are desirable by the weight loss enthusiasts. You wouldn’t want to lose out on your muscle tissues; rather you would want to reduce your fat tissues only. So, it is better to follow the 500 calorie HCG diet which comprises of proteins instead of the too intense low calorie diet without any carbs and proteins. The 500 calorie diet that is taken along with the real HCG drops makes sure that your muscle loss is reduced and by its intake you can prevent your muscle loss in the HCG diet.

How to lose weight without losing muscles?

Imagine starting off with the HCG diet, and gradually you find your muscles are losing their mass. Of course, you don’t want to lose your muscles when your aim is just to lose the extra weight from the body. The HCG diet is a crucial diet that would help you get the desirable body shape you want. But maintaining the muscles at the same time would be tough thing to do. Without exercising or working out, your body will fail to speed up its metabolism level. The low calorie diet is usually a low carb diet that burns the muscles when the starvation mode starts off. With HCG diet you can maintain your body mass as the hormone helps in burning the fat for weight loss separately and stores the metabolized fat for energy.

There are many ways in which you can lose weight but not lose your muscles while being on an HCG diet. Find out the solutions right here:

  1. Consume a lot of protein

The HCG diet comprises of proteins for ensuring that the muscle mass is well-maintained. Two servings of proteins daily in your meal can help you achieve your desired goals. If each serving weighed about 100 grams, your body would receive around 30 grams of protein from each serving. This is going to cut down on the carbohydrate intake for maintaining lean muscle mass.

  1. Exercise on a regular basis

Dieting itself can never be as beneficial as when dieting is combined with the moderate amount of exercising. You should stay active by exercising daily, be it anything cycling, walking, jumping, etc. indulging yourself in some kind  of physical activity is going to help in channeling out the fat for weight loss, at the same time restore back the muscle mass. When you follow the HCG diet in this method, you will find out your muscle gets strengthened. To grow or maintain your muscles, you should exercise when you know you are on a low calorie diet. A low calorie diet means that you are prone to less protein which could affect your muscle strength and mass. So, needless to say, exercise on a regular basis and see the difference in your body and muscles yourself.

  1. Don’t weight train over the limit

Everything and anything beyond the limit is too much and not good for health. This could also give back opposite reaction. Similarly, when you push yourself or train yourself way too hard on your dieting, you will be likely to lose out on the valuable muscle mass. Your body needs the essential nutrients and proteins while on a diet to retain the mass present in your muscles. The energy level of the body gets hampered when you go through extreme levels of workouts. When you workout properly, as a treat your body would require some amount of such proteins to build back the muscles and regain back its strength. Rather you cannot perform that good even due to lack of sufficient energy if you perform too strenuous workouts. So, you should exactly set your limits of your exercise routine while you are on the HCG diet so that you don’t end up overexerting yourself.

  1. Choosing the right diet

The HCG diet is a fat loss program itself that needs to be followed for only a certain period of time. Ideally this is a great diet that doesn’t stress more upon the muscle loss. If it would have been some other diet, stretching for a longer period of time, then there was a huge chance of muscle loss. Once the diet is over, it allows for maintenance of the body through training. So, the great benefit of choosing the right diet or the HCG diet is that it is a short period diet that works drastically on weight loss and ensures the muscle maintenance as well.

Tips for weight loss and muscle building

  • While cardio can help in losing weight drastically, it also allows the muscles to lose its mass. So, to avoid losing both weight and muscle, it is recommended to opt for weight training to retain the muscles.
  • High intensity intensive training is a great way to increase the metabolic rate which helps in burning calories rapidly for the next 24 hours which helps in building muscles.
  • If muscle mass is increased, there are high chances of the body at rest to increase their calorie count. It happens mainly because the muscles are supposed to take up major amount of energy that is required to sustain.
  • Consuming proteins and complex carbohydrates are essential. It is best to cut down on the sugar and fat as low as possible. Let the nutrition be well-planned in this way.

How to monitor your weight loss and muscle building?

To attain a strong muscle body, it is extremely necessary to ensure your power, strength and agility are all well regulated. Besides just maintaining, you might like to build up your muscle mass too. Providing the muscles with glycogen for creating fuel along with adequate proteins and fat is essential. Your muscles crave these. If you are wondering  how can you monitor your weight loss program here are a few ways:

Hear it with your ears – Be it compliments or advices, if you hear your family, friends or colleagues telling you something, at least consider listening to them. Their words could act as a brilliant sign that would build up your self confidence to lose more weight. You would know how to go about with it.

Keep your eyes wide open – Instead of just hearing others comment on your figure, try to scrutinize it yourself. Every week try to look out for differences in your weight. A week would be great as daily noticing wouldn’t be a good way to understand the fluctuations. Check out whether you have got flabby chests or sagging underarms. If you notice such differences, you would be sure that you are losing muscles along with losing fat.

Dropping pant sizes – If you find your pant belt has become loose, then that’s a brilliant sign of losing weight and not muscles with the HCG diet. As fats tend to be more towards the hip area, dropping pant sizes ensures that you are more likely losing out the unwanted fats from the body without any effect on your muscle mass.

Look out for best HCG drops that will speed up the optimal performance of the body. Your aim is to lose weight yet maintain your muscles. The HCG diet makes this possible if followed in a perfect way. Don’t let your body become prone to eat up your muscle mass along with fat loss. Your body deserves all the necessary care during the HCG diet phase. So, are you now ready to gear up for an extensive HCG dieting without losing muscle mass?

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