What is Lagree Fitness?

So the question is: What is Lagree fitness?

Sebastien Lagree founded Lagree Fitness, a method that combines fitness with revolutionary slow-sculpt pilates-inspired moves. It is a method that continues to evolve over time, and guess what? We absolutely love it!

Lagree Fitness, which is not to be confused with traditional Pilates, takes place on a revolutionary machine known as “The Megaformer.” This machine improves and evolves every year to provide you with more intense, well-designed, low-impact workouts. Many of the movements on the Megaformer are well-known – like lunges, squats, planks, and so on. Lagree, on the other hand, uses their own fun, unique language to make these “basic” movements their own.

If you’ve taken a Lagree class, you’ve probably heard of terms like “Bear (killer move), Escalator lunge (cue the shakes), and wheelbarrow (holy abs),” which are “basic” exercises advanced by Lagree Fitness. All movements in class are designed to be performed at a slow pace in order to concentrate on “time under tension,” which targets your slow-twitch muscle fibers. In this low-impact workout, you’ll focus on your muscles while keeping your joints safe, allowing you to develop a mind-body connection like no other.

So is this workout good for beginners?

Yes. This workout is suitable for all fitness levels. Fitness starts with your core, and we’re here to help you get stronger and progress no matter what level you’re at.

Developing proper core strength is one of the most important fundamentals in any fitness program. It’s the beating heart of any workout, and it’s also a component that many of us have been missing – until now. When core strength is not used, the body will overcompensate in other areas to complete the movement, which may result in injury. Lagree’s revolutionary design increases tension via spring-load, and let’s just say your core exercises will never be the same after experiencing a plank hold using spring tension. The exercises you’ll do in class will activate your deep intrinsic core stabilizing muscles, allowing your core to develop from the inside out.

If there is one thing to remember in the fitness world, it is that the first step in any successful program is stabilization. One of the first significant improvements clients notice when incorporating Lagree Fitness into their routine is improved core control and strength, which fuels all of your other exercises and keeps you progressing and getting noticeably stronger class after class.

Aside from the incredible core strength, you’ll begin to develop, you’ll notice improvements in form and posture. This is all due to the slow pace that is practiced throughout class. This slower tempo allows you to really connect with the muscles that are being activated, and you’ll learn how to increase the burn with simple adjustments that go a long way. Prepare to stand taller, feel more confident, and experience true inner strength.

As you can see, we love Lagree Fitness. We not only teach it, but we believe in the results. This method, when combined with instructors and coaches who lead you through heart-pumping, muscle-shaking, high-energy classes, results in an amazing experience and workout.

So, what are you waiting for? Discover the method that everyone is talking about. We’ll see you on the Megaformer!
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