What Is The Pineal Gland And Why Is It So Important?

Living in a super stressful world where people tend to work under pressure and go to sleep late at night, Nanopep INC has manufactured a peptide complex to overcome stressful situations. 

Short amino acids, also known as peptides, help to rejuvenate cells, increase protein synthesis, and length of telomerase, which actually means a chance to live a longer and more active life.

The hormone of youth

The pineal gland is a pretty small gland located in the human brain. Despite its small size, the role of this gland is difficult to overestimate. It can be even said that the whole functions of this gland are yet to be studied. Nowadays, we know that the pineal gland is responsible for the production of melatonin, serotonin, and less critical hormones for the general audience. 

The role of the abovementioned hormones is well-studied. Let’s speak about melatonin and its role in human health.

The pineal gland produces up to 80% of melatonin. This hormone is called a youth hormone for its rejuvenating effect. Plus, melatonin is a powerful antioxidant that helps to prevent different types of cancer. However, when we age, our pineal gland tends to slow down its production of hormones, which can cause sleep problems, lowering of intellectual and physical activity, and immune issues. 

This hormone is so essential that it is used to identify the biological age of a patient. 

How modern medicine produces peptides?

Nowadays, peptides can be received by two methods. 

  • First is the extractive method from young calf
  • Second, is synthetically-derived peptides in the laboratory conditions. 

Both types have a similar effect, so it does not matter what types to choose. All the peptides have their specialization and recover the function of the organ, which was used for extraction. For example, brain peptides are used to improve brain; thyroid body one is used to cure the thyroid body, and so on. 


Almost all people know what is essential for health. We are talking about decreasing stress, following diet full of nutrients and vitamins, physical exercises, and getting enough sleep. Unfortunately, most people fail to follow these simple rules in part or as a whole. Nevertheless, if any of us wants to be healthy, you should try to incorporate these simple rules to the fullest. Short peptides are a powerful supplement that helps to maintain optimal health in current conditions. 

Peptides effectively prevent brain diseases and increase their activity. Thus, people have an effective supplement so vital to have when you live modern life experiencing emotional and physical stress day by day. It is crucial to follow a healthy lifestyle, but if for any reason, if you have night shifts, for example, then short peptide is a must.