What Makes Your Breath Smell? (And How To Freshen It)

Do you have halitosis or bad breath? Well, there are a few things you can do to fix it. First you have to figure out what the cause of the odor is. The main reason for bad breath is rotting food still lingering in your mouth. While the bacteria in your mouth eats away the leftover particles of food left in your mouth, it releases an odor. However, there may be other factors that may affect your breath as well; sometimes your diet and contents in your stomach can create gasses which change the way your breath smells. The best way to treat bad breath, no matter the cause, is to practice good oral hygiene. Learn more about oral hygiene and how to eliminate bad odors below.

If You’re Not Sure Of The Source

There are chlorophyllin supplements that eliminate body odor, including bad breath. Chlorophyllin is an all-natural supplement made of chlorophyll and copper. You’ve probably learned about chlorophyll in biology class: it’s the chemical that gives plants their bright green color. When combined with copper in supplements, it absorbs bacteria in your stomach that is causing body odor. It targets all the sources of odor: breath, sweat, and gas. Then, chlorophyllin excretes the bacteria through your digestive system. Look for chlorophyllin supplements that have probiotics and peppermint oil. If you have a lot of gas in your stomach, taking probiotics supplements from megasporebiotic helps in flushes out the toxins in your stomach and eliminates gas. When you take peppermint oil, it can also freshen your breath. To find a supplement with these ingredients, look through https://www.customerreview.org/ to compare supplements based on ingredients and price. You can read reviews of different brands and choose the supplement that seems best for you.

If You’re Not Brushing

We mentioned oral hygiene before because it’s important to emphasize. You don’t need to brush your teeth five times a day, but make sure you’re sticking to the minimum of twice a day. You also need to floss to clean out the bacteria that has slipped into the cracks between your teeth and gums. Check up on your brushing method as some people do not even know how to brush their teeth correctly. Make sure you’re using a soft bristle brush and are not brushing too hard, as you can cause your gums to deteriorate if you brush too hard. Finally, make sure to change your toothbrush every three months or so. The bacteria buildup will have also affected your brush, and you want to use a clean brush for good oral health.

Breath Smell

If You’re Skipping A Step

Most people forget to brush their tongue when brushing their teeth. Bacteria also sits on your tongue and may be the cause of your bad breath. Remember to start from the back of your tongue and brush thoroughly. You can also purchase a tongue scraper, which improves your tongue health and is even better than just a brush.

If You’re Dehydrated

One cause of bad breath is dehydration, which luckily has a very easy solution. When you’re dehydrated, you produce less saliva, which actually contains deodorizing properties. Drink a few glasses of water to restart your production of saliva. You’ll feel better as well, as dehydration causes fatigue and dizziness as well.

Bad Breath? Not Anymore!

Whatever the cause of your bad breath, oral hygiene is the key. Hopefully the importance of brushing and flossing has been drilled into your head when you were a kid, but if not, it’s repeated here. Remember to brush your tongue too, and if you really want to be thorough, you can use a tongue scraper as well. If you’re unsure of the source of your bad breath, you can try a chlorophyllin supplement, which eliminates any bad odor from the inside of your body. And remember to keep drinking water, not just for your health, but for refreshing your breath as well.