What to Eat to Build Muscles? Best Muscle Building Diet Plan

Eating Habits for Muscle Builders

The majority of the people have 3 meals a day which is good as regular eating habits. However, a man, like you, who is trying to build massive muscle mass, should have at least five smaller meals each day.

Calories – Gain Weight to Gain Muscles

If you really wish to gain muscles mass, you need to gain weight for which you have to increase the amount of calories in your diet. During the day when you are doing exercises or any other physical activity, your body burns a huge amount of calories and if you don’t increase calorie intake in your diet, there will be no more chances for your body to grow anymore muscles. Therefore, it is highly advised to raise calorie consumption from 2000 to 2500 calories every day.

Protein Grows Muscles Mass

Protein is a great source to nourish the muscles mass. Add protein as well as complex carbs in your daily diet menu which will help you kill your hunger and repair damaged muscles. There is no need to eat a huge amount of protein, just eat about thirty grams in your meal and it should be really a good idea to have some carbs in your meal too. Each pound of your body weight requires about two grams of protein. For instance, you bear 150 pounds of weight; you need to take the double figures of protein which means 300 grams. You can get protein from egg, tune, fish, chicken and red meat.

Your Body Needs Carbs

Carbs are also very helpful during your muscles building mission and the good thing about them is that they are quite easily available for you to consume. You can get carbs from potatoes, rice, whole grains, oats, bread and rice. While you are sleeping, your body awakes and repairs damages body tissues for which it needs carbs and protein. Therefore, you must eat some good protein and carbs before you go to bed.

Vitamins & Minerals

Besides, following a nutritious diet plan, you also need to necessary vitamins and minerals to keep your body healthy. You can take supplements to fulfill your body’s need.

Good Fat

If you include the right amount of good fat in your diet, it will provide you with lots of healthy benefits. Fat is a good source to get vitamins A, D, E and K, however, it should not increase than the 20 grams. Since, you are working at the gym; you should add monounsaturated, polyunsaturated and omega-3 fat in your diet.

1) Monounsaturated fats

You can find monounsaturated fats in canola and olive oils and in nuts like peanuts, almonds and cashews.

2) Polyunsaturated fats

The sources to gain polyunsaturated fats are sunflower oils, safflower oils, flaxseed and flaxseed oil, soybean oil, soybeans, sunflower seeds and corn.

3) Omega-3 fats

Omega-3 fats also fulfill your muscle building requirements as they are considered to be very good for your overall health such as improving blood circulation in your body and brain functionality. You can find omega-3 fats in salmon, trout, tuna, etc.

Final Words

If you are spending lots of time at the gym to get your desired body physique, you must not ignore the 2nd pillar of your body building which is surly a good dieting plan. Follow your own dieting plan along with muscle building exercises to make your dream come true.