Which One Should Be Performed First – Cardio Or Weights?

If you ask fitness trainers that which one should be performed first cardio or weight, you might be replied by one trainer that you should perform cardio first or someone else might say that weight should be performed at the first place. On contrary to both of the above answers, someone might also claim that it really does not affect the results that which one is performed first. This is the situation which cannot be explained easily as different people may have different opinions.

Combination of Cardio and Weight Exercises

The basis reason for which people ask this question is not the sequence of exercises but it is all about the benefits you can get from these two routines. While you are performing your workouts, you feel exhaustion which becomes a cause to damage your workouts. There is a large number of exercises who believe that using a combination of weight and cardio training may not be as effective as using separate workouts on alternative days. Well, this may not be really encouraging for someone who is stick with a tight workout plan scheduled to get maximum results at the gym.

Scientific Literature

If you use the scientific literature to find the right answer of this important question, you will be surprised to realize there is still a difference of opinion between the scientists and scientific researches. However, various studies have shown that using the combination of strength and aerobic training workouts can help one get the same results in aerobic fitness as well as strength.

Latest Study

  • There is lots of misconception about the order of these two types of exercises but the fitness experts, scientists and researchers have tried their best to give a clear opinion about it with proof. In connection to the ongoing research, a study was conducted at the Rutgers University and the report was published in a strength and conditioning journal. The research team selected twenty three females of college-age and made them to get divided into two groups.
  • The first group was asked to perform aerobic workout and strength workout respectively while the second group was asked to perform strength workout and aerobic workout respectively.
  • The training took place for two months during which 1 hour training session was held 4 times each week for 8 weeks. The researchers kept each and every aspect in observation throughout entire training program including the body composition, aerobic power and strength measurement.
  • The thirty minutes exercises of moderate and high intensity were included into the aerobic workout while on the other hands, the 3 sets of twelve repetitions were included into strength training workouts.
  • After the completion of 8 weeks training programs, both the groups gained the similar improvements and there were not so great differences which shows that it really does not matter that which one should come first in sequence as both exercise orders can give you the same results. However, you must be careful about the forms you use to perform exercises.