Who Will Benefit From Light Therapy

A look into the recent trend of light therapy and understanding who will reap the most benefits from this therapy.

Light therapy has soon become a popular treatment method in health and fitness circles. It has quickly gained traction as a cheap therapy method that has a ton of benefits for the skin. Its use has become more popular recently in both at professional offices and at home as well. Different types of light can treat different types of ailments, especially of the skin. It can with conditions ranging from acne to hyper pigmentation. It really is no surprise that this painless therapy method has quickly gained popularity. Often it is also used as a complementary therapy after going through other types of cosmetic treatment. There are many solutions as well that are based at home. 

Who can it help?

With different types of light that are of different wavelengths, this therapy method makes use of the wide array of lights to treat a variety of skin conditions. The kind a particular person may need depends completely on the results that they want to achieve. It is a very common treatment for people who suffer from ailments such as psoriasis, eczema, acne etc. It has quickly gained traction among health care professionals as being a pain free method of therapy that is best used as a preventative measure against certain skin conditions as well the general aging process as well. Light therapy also claims to have benefits to those seeking to help treat the much accelerated process of aging that has been brought on to us by the way of much more increased exposure to screens. There are in-office light therapy procedures that help with the issue of scarring as well. This is also an excellent complementary therapy for those undergoing more serious cosmetic procedures. This extra step adds only about 20 to 30 minutes to the overall treatment and can genuinely help ease a comfort after they have gone through a particularly painful procedure. 

The fact that light therapy is a pretty safe therapy model and that it is also non-invasive plus the fact that it has reported benefits for a number of conditions, has made it a go to treatment plan for many patients. The fact that researchers have yet to find adverse effects of this treatment adds a lot to its weight as a treatment option. This is a particularly good news for people who may be allergic or not suited in other ways for other types of therapy. There is a lot of versatility on offer with light therapy as well. Patients can customize their sessions so that it meets their particular requirements. The best idea on how to go about introducing light therapy to your treatments is to start off with in-office treatments. In this way, a board certified skin care specialist can properly assess your skin and provide the necessary treatment plans customized to your needs.

How does it work?

This entire treatment method is based upon taking advantage of the skin’s innate ability to metabolise the light that it receives. It is important to mention here that this treatment method is thought of being best at being an add-on treatment and specifically not a standalone treatment. The results of light therapy are best observed when it is used in combination with other treatment methods to tailor their results and also to maintain them. The results of light therapy are dependent on the type of device being used in therapy as well as the color of the light being emitted. 


Light therapy that uses red light is most effective in battling conditions that occur due to the overproduction of sebum. This is a natural oil produced by the skin but it can become problematic when produced in larger quantities such as due to acne. It is also very good for those seeking help from rosacea and sun damage. This type of light therapy is also very effective in getting through the skin and promoting regeneration of cells.


Light therapy that uses blue light is very effective in fighting bacteria that is the cause of many skin problems, including the bacteria that causes acne. This is very much different from UV treatments that are very widely used to tan the skin. This type of LED blue light has no negative side effects as well and is an excellent treatment idea for those suffering from skin conditions whose main cause is bacterial. This therapy can also boost the production of collagen in the body of the patient. 


Light therapy using yellow light is still not that common. The fact that this particular type of light therapy is much less widely used is due to the fact that its effectiveness in skin care has only recently been studied. The results are very promising. The research that has been conducted all point to the fact that this type of light therapy can go through the skin very much like red light but the fact of the matter is that it cannot through as many layers as red light. Recently, this therapy method has been used to fight issues such as dark spots. 


Green light therapy works best when it is used as an add-on treatment to other light therapy treatments. This type of light is able to penetrate and go through the surface of the skin. It will be a good idea to talk with a specialised skin care expert before embarking on this treatment. It may very well be the case that if not applied with care, it can cause the skin to get more acne. 

As we have discussed in this article, light therapy has a whole host of uses. It is very good at dealing with a lot of skin conditions and as such, it is an excellent treatment method for anyone suffering from conditions of the skin.