Why Massage Can Help Depression

Depression is a mental disorder that brings a very big impact on how you feel; feelings definitely will affect your thinking and in turn prompt an action. It is associated with pain and sadness, some of the signs that may show that someone is depressed include; feeling really sad, loose of interest in everything, some people loose appetite among other things. If you are experiencing a lot of sadness that won’t just go away then you are probably falling into depression. Research has it that depression can be greatly reduced by massage, this is because massage plays a very big role in relaxing the muscles and the moods too, if you are depressed and you need massage then you will need to find a home service massage like My Home Therapy to help you in that, not just anyone who is not qualified. There are many ways in which massage helps in depression, these might be;

·         Massage reduces stress.

Massage plays a very big role in relaxing the body by removing all the tension in muscles, once the body is relaxed there will be significant reduction in stress. Well, stress is the major building block of depression, in fact all; people who are affected by depression think that it is just mere stress, once you get out all the stress that is bothering you, you are then in the right direction as far as dealing with depression is concerned. The feeling of touch in massage can be very important thing in dealing with depression, often when people develop stress they would want to stay away from other people eliminating the possibilities of getting touched by fellow humans, this really escalates depression. A sense of touch regularly brings some kind of comfort and it really heals the body. Getting a touch from a therapist will significantly reduce depression.

·         Massage improves sleep.

What escalates depression more is lack of sleep, one has to deal with the pain and the grief they are going through for like a whole night, when you take a lot of time to reflect on the source of pain and all sorts of discomfort around you, you get depressed even more, sleep is very important because it lets your mind relax and ease the aching it is going through. Massage causes relaxation of the body and the mood when the muscles relax, there are high chances that you will fall asleep and this will help you reduce depression. Other than just the body, sleep has a great effect on your mind and emotions, when you lack enough sleep it really lowers your emotions and that can be quite dangerous especially if you are a victim of depression because the lower the emotions, the more the depression, this means that having enough sleep will brighten up your life and that will make a positive move in depression management.

·         Massage reduces pain.

Pain is one contributing factor in depression, physical pain will always give rise to internal aching, and some people will just get depression for having physical pain. Massage plays a very big role when it comes to the reduction of pain in the body. When you experience pain you will always go for massage to get relieved. The kind of massage done on the neck and shoulders is very important in facilitating healthy and relaxed breathing, this will help lower the body reactions that might cause stress, this will in turn help in reducing depression.

·         Massage helps to release endorphins.

An endorphin is a group of hormones that are within the brain that are responsible for activating body receptors hence triggering a positive feeling in the body. This makes massage very important in dealing with depression, depression is by a greater extend caused by unhappy moods, endorphins, in this case, will help the body to trigger happy feelings and a lot of energy hence counteracting the effects of depression.

·         Massage improves circulation.

Well, circulation is very important as much as the mood of a person is concerned. When you are anxious, or sad or emotionally disturbed it causes your heart to pump faster than the normal rate, this situation can really make a depressed person get more affected. Massage helps a lot in improving circulation and also lowers the high rate of blood flow, when the rate of blood flow slows down, your emotions calms down hence reducing depression. Improved circulation is also very important it reduces stress and helps in alleviating pain in the body. Blood circulation determines the rate of breathing, if the circulation is unstable, you can breathe with a quite faster rate and this will raise anxiety which will in turn escalates depression, this is why improved circulation is very important, it will lower the rate of breathing and as a result there will be stability in emotions which reduces depression.

·         Massage improves one’s mood.

Massage is not just a physical thing, it can work miracles for your mind too, massage can greatly lower the amount of cortisol, a hormone that brings stress with over fifty percent, this helps one to reduce depression since there will be very minimal stress and stress Is the main cause of depression, massage also can lead to production of hormones that will help you feel good. Being happy is the only effective cure for stress hence massage will help you fight depression by making you happy.

To sum up this, depression can be a very dangerous condition if you don’t deal with it more soon. It is good to know that you can actually deal with depression when you take up massage sessions, your body and mind will relax and you will not have emotional problems anymore. However to get massage done the right way you will need to get a specialized therapist in Spa at Palmer who is licensed so that you won’t get affected.