Why Moms Should Feed Their Babies Organic Follow On Milk Formula

Your baby has now reached six months old and it’s time to start introducing solids into his or her diet. The most common way moms introduce solids to their babies is to continue feeding them a thicker type of formula and then gradually feeding them soft foods.

For this process moms typically move from newborn milk to a follow on formula or stage 2 milk. It’s always best to feed your growing baby organic products. So if you’re unsure of what the ingredients are capable of you can opt for organic follow on formula.

So, what is follow on formula and how does it benefit the health and growth of your baby? In this article, we’ll give you a brief explanation of what follow on formula contains and how it can complement your baby’s diet.

What is Follow On Milk Formula?

Follow on formula or first milk is intended for babies that are six months and older. It’s a powdered substance that’s mixed with hot water and then cooled to a temperature suitable for babies to drink.  

The follow on formula is also known as stage 2 milk. It’s not intended for newborn infants as there are differences in nutritional value. Some follow on formulas are too thick for newborn babies which makes it more difficult for their bodies to digest. That’s why it’s designed for older babies.

The follow on milk is a nutritional formula that’s intended as a liquid part of the weaning diet to help boost a baby’s immune system. It’s also suitable for babies that have a bigger appetite as it’s casein-based which is used to decrease hunger after feeding.

Nutritional Value of Follow On Milk

Follow on formula is packed with vitamins and minerals to help your baby grow healthy teeth, bones & muscles. Here is a list of nutrients you can find in high quality follow on formulas:

  • Protein to develop stronger muscles
  • Calcium is used to strengthen bones and teeth
  • Iron develops more red blood cells that produce oxygen flow to the lungs and heart
  • Vitamin C for the development and repair of body tissue
  • Magnesium to regulate muscle and nerve function
  • Vitamin B12 to increase red blood cells
  • Pantothenic acid converts solid food into energy
  • Folic acid to help the body maintain new blood cells

Take a look at the nutritional information of follow on formula you’ve selected for your baby. By checking the label you’ll be able to see if the ingredients are beneficial to your baby’s health and wellbeing.

You should always opt for organic follow on formula as it guarantees that all the ingredients used in the formula are safe for your baby. Take a look at the benefits of organic follow on formula in this next section.

Organic Follow On Milk Powders

Your baby’s immune system is still developing so he or she may be sensitive to certain ingredients found in standard follow on formulas. Mass-produced baby formulas may contain compounds that cause constipation, high acidity, diarrhoea or vomiting.

Organic follow on milk powder only contains beneficial ingredients that have been sourced from sustainable controlled environments to ensure the health and safety of your baby.

Formula is made from cow milk so the grass that the cows eat to produce the milk is sustainable with no added hormones or pesticides.

The Benefits of Organic Follow on Milk Products

The organic follow on milk is formulated so that it’s nutritionally adequate for your growing baby. Brands that make organic follow on milk formula ensure there are no synthetics, pesticides or other harmful chemicals used in producing the products.

Organic follow on formula doesn’t contain preservatives, artificial flavourings or colourants that could be harmful to your baby’s health.

Since the organic follow on milk ingredients are sourced using sustainable methods the production of the formula is environmentally friendly. 

Does your Baby Need Follow On Milk?

When you’re moving your baby away from infant formula, follow on milk can be beneficial as it gives your baby a healthy complete diet. Follow on formula is rich in essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals to complement your baby’s diet as you gradually introduce him or her to solid food.  

Final Thoughts

The ideal process of moving your baby from newborn formula to solids is to start off with 900ml of follow on formula throughout the day while gradually feeding him or her soft foods.

Adults can have a healthy diet of all the basic food groups but because six month old babies are new to solids they won’t get their daily allowance of nutrients. That’s why the follow on formula was designed to provide your baby with their daily allowance of nutrients while you introduce them to solid food groups.

Make the process of switching from infant milk to solids easier by feeding your growing baby organic follow on formula.