Why Steroids are Banned in The US?

Over a couple of decades, most if not all professional athletes have been subjected to ridicule and humiliation after it was revealed that they had used drugs and steroids to get competitive advantages. Form professional baseball, to cycling to Olympics, and it seems no higher level sport is safer from using such banned substances and this practice is known as doping. But the question is why steroids are banned in the US?

steroids are banned in the US

As with other legal policies, there are several of the reason behind, this ban. However, the main concern is emotional and physical damage which these drugs can do to the individuals who can use them.

Basically, steroids are synthetic substances that mimic testosterone in your body. Testosterones are male sex hormones. In regular doses, testosterone contributes to secondary growth features, such hair patterns, more aggressive behaviors, and heavier muscles. Consequently, there are some situations where the use of steroids would be appropriate to treat some medical conditions. With valid, prescription, it’s perfectly legal to use steroids and similar drugs.

Most athletes have used steroids for its ability to instantly increase body’s capabilities for, stamina building, strength, and endurance. But, the risk factors associated with the use of asteroids are more than advantages related to it. It may be extremely dangerous for those who are not under the continuous professional supervision of coach and medical experts.

As more aggressive behavior can be required in a man under normal and emotionally controlled situations, steroid abuse can lose to the loss of aggression. This may lead to violent, outbursts and often called “roid-rage,” which can lead to injuries or even death of both the drug abuser and the individuals around him.

Moreover, the side effects of using steroids can also be hazardous to the user physically. It may lead to the development of breast tissue in men, baldness, heart problems, atrophy of male gonads, horrific acne and linked scarring to name a few. Other serious adverse side effects include the development of tumors in the liver, jaundice, as well as high blood pressures. In women, the impact of steroid abuse is even more pronounced. It includes loss of menstrual cycle and fertility, deepening voice and development of hair on the face. For similar reasons, use of steroids was put under strict legal control in the USA in the year 1991.

While many think that the reason behind why steroids are banned in the US is only because of the competitive edge, it can give an athlete over another athlete, which is just not the case. As a matter of fact, were steroids not dangerous it is likely that all athlete would use them and the sports field would effectively remain balanced. However, the health concerns linked with the use of steroids led to their inclusion on schedules of substances under tight control. Consequently, only those who violate the law can use such elements for athletic benefits, and they are really unfair. Therefore, they were also banned in the field of sports.

Final Words- Why steroids are banned in the US?

In the United States of America and even in other parts of this planet earth, only a doctor is allowed to prescribe the use of steroids, and even then, doctors can only suggest them when there is some medical issue that needs it for treatment. If you are one of those, who have been offered steroids by any coach, fitness trainer, influencer or anyone other than an authorized medical expert or doctor you must contact law enforcement.

Similarly, if you have been accused of either using or selling steroids, you must contact a legal expert as soon as possible. Just as with any other controlled substance such as crystal meth and crack, steroids are one of the controlled substance. While an average user may not understand, why asteroids are banned in the US and how much the high these other drugs cause, the sentence for illegal possession, distribution or even use of these types of steroids and drugs can be extremely harsh.