Why to join a fitness club

“Hey… Watch ya. This year I am definitely going to get fitter”

“This year is going to be the exercise-year”.

We all start our new year with some fitness resolution. Don’t we? However, merely saying it & actually acting or doing something are two different things! 65% of adults are either inactive or they have very low levels of physical activity. To be honest, it is good in no way to become a part of this unfortunate statistic. If one is among those 65%, joining any club, taking some professional help, and doing some PHUL workout ( power hypertrophy upper lower workout)  is strictly recommended. Here are reasons to hit the gym:

1):- Huge health advantages: It is clear, but we are still going to mention it anyway – joining a gym is excellent for once’s health & fitness! Put simply, by exercising we enhance our cardiovascular fitness by strengthening our heart & lungs. We also increase our strength by creating lean muscle. Following researches, the Australian Government Department of Health has recommended at least five hours of moderate exercise each week, including muscle strengthening activities, too, at least twice each week. Studies have proved that regular exercise & an increase in one’s strength an&d cardio fitness levels can aid in reducing the risk of health concerns & diseases, like: heart disease, depression, high blood pressure, high cholesterol Diabetes (type II), & stress related illnesses.

2):- Access to equipment: One of the huge benefits of joining any gym is the wide array of equipment that are available there. Cardio machines, weights, strength machines, boxing kits & numerous functional training gear (fit balls, TRX,, resistance bands etc). It might be bit intimidating at commencement, but one is going to find friendly experts on hand to aid him use it all. Trust us, all this is q lot simpler than it looks!

3):- Make mates: The gym is a fantastic way to be more social & meet lots of like-minded folks. Group fitness classes aid one work towards his goals & are a fun way to make new friends. One might find somebody who loves Body Pump just like him! Once one gets connected with somebody at his fitness level & appoint them as his official training buddy, he will be capable to team up & try these partner workouts for his maximum  results.

4):- Access to accurate fitness knowledge: These gyms have qualified, well experienced personal trainers (lots of them with health & sports-related degrees) on hand who can suggest one on the best exercises & workouts for reaching his goals. They can provide one individualised direction for his workouts in the gym, keeping one safe & motivating him along the way too.

5):- Increased energy levels: One of the main effects of exercise is great increase in energy levels & enhanced mood, owing to the release of natural & happy endorphins. There is no better feeling than leaving gym after doing workout & feeling energized & ready for whatsoever the day throws at one. If one is looking for an extra spring in his step, it is a great benefit of joining a gym!

6):-.Be motivated: One either love exercises or he has to drag himself along to get it done! If one is the latter, joining & heading to the gym & being around other folks, who are in the same situation as he is, can be just the incentive & motivation one require to keep going. One might even find himself converting into some great exercise lover when he is heading to the gym on a more regular basis, hitting his fitness goals & seeing results on the inside & out!