Why Trans Fats Are So Dangerous For Your Health

We are told that Trans-fats are bad, we are told to avoid fast food, we are told to avoid most of the foods that are in a grocery store in order to stay away from Trans Fats. However, we do not know the simple science behind the danger of the consumption of Trans-fats. In this analysis, we examine exactly why they are so unhealthy and make you gain belly fat and overall fat, as well. We also intend to show why Trans-fats are slowing down our actual health goals for fat loss.

#1 Different types of fats

Saturated fats – when there are multiple bonds of Hydrogen Pairs. So, we have those multiple sets of hydrogen pairs which are usually totally saturated.

Monounsaturated fats – when we have one pair of Hydrogen Atoms that are not bound together meaning that we have one pair that is not saturated.

Polyunsaturated fats – “poly” means “many” and what this means is that we have many Hydrogen Pairs that are missing.

Now, the body utilizes saturated and monounsaturated fats the easiest. Polyunsaturated fats are not usually metabolized too well by the body. For a closer look at foods that are high in trans fats, www.LifeToLiveIt.com contains a useful list of such foods that you should avoid.

#2 What is a Trans fat

Let’s explain what a Trans-fat is and how it fits in the overall system of fats. Have you ever heard of the name Hydrogenation? Or, have you ever looked at a label and seen something that says partially hydrogenated corn oil or partially hydrogenated vegetable oil?

What that means when you think about the hydrogenation, it says that they have manually injected Hydrogen into a fat to make it saturated. Now, why would they do this? Lifetoliveit emphasizes that they do this to increase shelf-life in the Grocery store. They can increase the shelf-life of the product by 60% to 70%. So, if you have a fat that is normally a polyunsaturated or monounsaturated and you suddenly artificially make it saturated, then it is more shelf stable.

Additionally, by artificially making the product saturated, you make it more stable for deep-frying. This means that companies that serve a lot of fast food and fried foods are able to use that over and over and over again without it denaturing and losing its stability.

We have artificially added Hydrogen to a fat that our body does not recognize. Our body does not know how to break this down, it does not know how to clean off the Hydrogen, it does not know how to clean them off individually and utilize that fat.

#3 What happens when you have a fat your body cannot metabolize

Now, let me break it down super simple. When you have a fat that your body cannot metabolize, it is just going to sit there. So, as you consume Trans-fat, it literally circulates through your arteries and unless you have amazing blood flow and amazing health, it is more than likely those Trans fatty acids are going to stay there.

May Trans fats are also going to get deposited which is much harder to oxidize and burn them.

That conversion to an Acetyl Coenzyme does not happen with Trans-fats and if it does, it takes a lot more time. So, this is the real reason you want to stay away from Trans-fats. It is not just because it will cause heart disease, it is not just because they are bad for you or simply because you should avoid fast food. The real and most important reason is that if foods are meant to be a certain way, we should not be mechanically altering them.

We hear that all the time with Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO). Most of the time, the society and everyday people turn a blind eye to Genetically Modified Organisms simply because more frequently they are dealing with vegetables. However, when the Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) are about Fats and Fast Foods, everyone is suddenly pays attention. Hopefully, the Genetically Modified Organisms are going to be all-encompassing and everyone will understand the severity of artificially manipulating Fats and of course Foods as a whole.

#4 Always look at the labels on food packages

The body cannot recognize a fat that has been mechanically altered. Furthermore, there are also a lot of reasons why it cannot recognize fruits and vegetables that have been mechanically altered. The more Trans fats you eat, the more fatty acids you will build in your body.

So, you want to lose fat fast? You have to limit and ideally completely cut your daily Trans-fat intake. For this reason, look at the labels of the foods that you buy. Look at the Ingredient List with the partially Hydrogenated Oils. Look at the Nutrition Facts with the Hydrogenated Fats in general and finally look for trans-fats.

In fact, they are now saying that on the Food Labels, it has to indicate if the food inside the package contains trans-fat. It is that bad. To make matters worse, according to LifetoLiveit, Trans-fats have now been linked to an increase in Lipoproteins and Triglycerides as a sort of precursor to deposited fat. Usually, this is a conversion of carbohydrates by the liver into fat.

So, Trans-fats contribute to an increase in Triglycerides and Lipoproteins which is now a clear indicator that Trans-fats can have a link to Diabetes but also can have a link to stored body fat and a higher level of Body Mass Index.