Why Yoga must be a part of your daily routine?

Yoga has always been more than merely a method of teaching; it is a way of life. You commit yourself to a peaceful lifestyle & culture that include meditation technique, healthy eating habits, ways of peacefully bathing & relaxing, jocund social interaction & work. Talking about its roots, its philosophy is rooted deep in a physical culture of health & well-being of yours, which is acted upon still today at yoga retreats. For elaborate why more than 15 million people in the world practice this ancient tradition daily, here are eight reasons why Yoga must be done by all (even your kids) daily:

1):- Lowers stress & improves overall mood: Few yoga methods utilize particular meditation techniques that make you focus your mind on your breathing to quieten your continuous ‘mind chatter’. This relieves stress & lets you feel far more relaxed. Practicing these breathing techniques daily on a yoga & meditation retreat boosts oxygen levels to your brain, leaving you to feel happier & more content with your everyday life.

2):- Boosts confidence: Yoga is known well for uplifting your spiritual values, but with that, this act of meditation can really boost your confidence a lot. This works by releasing tension & worries from your mind so that you feel confident about yourself & your physical body. Without any kind of anxiety & depression, you get capable to form an internal connection with yourself. This is clearly & gradually reflected in your perception of others & aids to better your relationships with mates by improving awareness & compassion.

3):- Lowers the risk of injury: Exercise ( especially running ) is often a series of rapid & forceful movements, which means that your effort is at a maximum & there is a great risk of injury as well as increased muscle tension. Usually, strenuous exercise involves an imbalance of opposing muscle groups, whereas yoga focuses on balancing such activity. It is a way to unite your body as well as the mind, while other exercise and workout don’t focus much on mental health like yoga does.

4):- Aids in lose weight: Being even slightly overweight is a sign that there are some imbalances in your daily life. One thing that acts as one major contributor to weight gain is overmuch stress. Practicing yoga allows you to bring a great sense of relaxation to your soul, body & mind. This helps you to de-stress and lets you lose weight naturally.

5):- Increases flexibility: Most people often think that they aren’t flexible enough to do yoga at all. Well… The truth is, it does not matter how a body is, or how tight your muscles are; because yoga postures work by very safely stretching your muscles & aiding you to practice it further. Furthermore, yoga stretches soft tissue in your body such as ligaments & tendons. Thus, it increases the range of motion in the joints & allows you to move around more freely.

6):- Improves muscle tone & strength: Lots of yoga postures have a great influence on the upper body strength, like – the downward & upward dog, while the plank focuses on the core. In the same way, standing positions strengthen the upper leg muscles & lower back. Actually, any pose is going to strengthen an area of the body if it’s practiced in the correct way, without putting lots of stress on particular muscle groups.

7):- Benefits your breathing & lowers blood pressure: If you are practicing yoga daily, your lung capacity is going to increase as a consequence of the deep breathing process. This is then going to have a positive influence on more intense sports that you might be a part of,  enhancing your stamina & endurance. Moreover, meditation & calming yoga postures slow down your heart rate that in turn lowers blood pressure, which has also been linked with improving your immune system & lowering cholesterol.

8):- Improves your posture: By practicing yoga you learn to maintain a healthier weight, become far more flexible & improve your muscle tone & strength. You are going to find that your body’s stability & posture is greatly improving due to this. Yoga is going to make your abdominals & back muscles fully support your weight. You are going get able to sit & stand tall as yoga-a-day is going to prevent niggling injuries, aches & pains.

The beauty of yoga is that you can practice it pretty much anywhere. You can practice it on your own or with other yoga enthusiasts. You can do it at your home or you can do yoga in chiang mai as a travel destination. So, what are you waiting for? Get ready. Happy Yoga!!!

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