Workout Routines To Build Muscle & Stay In Shape

It has now become a common goal of many men and women to stay in shape and get rid of the extra body fat. Once you get rid of the unwanted fats you can start building muscles as this will make sure that you acquire the lean muscle mass only. There are different types of exercises, which you need to do in a proper circuit to achieve the wanted results. First of you need to discuss your body metabolism and development with your fitness expert and get the essential guidelines. This will help in drawing out a special plan for your muscle building regime. Your build muscle workout schedule will include proper diet and exercise plans. Here we will discuss the best workout to build muscle, through this plan you will be able to look great and feel much healthier.

Workout Routines

Short circuit training on first day

  1. First of all you need to spend ten minutes on the rowing machines as an essential warm up session.
  2. In the second phase you can start with the rope pull having a total weight of forty kg. Do as many pulls as you are able to maintain proper rest between all of your exercises.
  3. In the last phase you need to get back to the rowing machine and spend ten more minutes.

Pushing supersets on second day

  • To warm up you can spend five minutes on rowing machine
  • In the second phase do 3 pull ups, 5 press ups and seven squats. Do all these exercises for 5 minutes and then complete as many sets as you can easily. It is a nice workout to build muscle.
  • Perform four sets of dead lifts having five reps and you can also increase by 5kg after every set.
  • Now do incline DB press and the standing military press. You can also do triceps skull-crushers. You can perform 4 different rounds of these exercises and then have a rest of ninety seconds.
  • Now do narrow grip press up, triceps extension and lateral rises. Perform four sets with ten repetitions and a rest of not more than ninety seconds.
  • On the last you can do abdominal rollouts five sets with ten reps. it is indeed one of the best workout routine to build muscle fast and in a proper manner.

After working out for two days, you are needed to give some rest to your body.

Pulling Supersets on Third day

  1. Warm up on the rower machine for five minutes
  2. In the second round do 3 pull ups, 5 press ups and 7 squats. Do all these exercises for 5 minutes and then complete as many sets as you can easily. It is one of the best workout plans for men to build muscle.
  3. Now you can do Bulgarian squats with the help of dumbbells. You can perform three sets with five reps on each leg. You can also increase the weight by five kg after each set.
  4. Now perform ten pull ups, ten incline front lifts and ten hammer curls. You can perform 4 sets with ten reps and give a ninety second rest period between them.
  5. At the last you can perform five sets of hanging knee raises.

On the fourth day you can do the same exercises as described on the schedule of second day. And on the fifth day you can rest. For the sixth and seventh day you can repeat the same exercises, by increasing weights and intensity of your exercises. These are one of the best Workout routines for men to build muscle fast and without an sort of supplements.