Ideal Workouts To Build Up Biceps

Almost everybody who starts bodybuilding wants to have bigger biceps. People use many different kinds of workouts to build bicep muscles but with limited success. This is not because they are not putting in the required amount of hard work but because they do exercises the wrong way.

You can ask any muscle expert and he will tell you one thing about building bicep muscles which is that it is impossible to do so without lifting more and more weight. If you are lifting the same amount of weight day in and day out then surely the size of bicep muscles will not increase. In order to increase the muscles you need to push yourself.

While performing workouts to build biceps you can start by dividing the routine into sets. Initially you can use 3 sets of about 6 reps each. With time you will feel that the strength in the muscles is still there after 3 sets then you can either increase reps in sets or you can simply increase the number of sets. However, in doing all this you need to take care of your body because overwork will not do your muscles any good. You need to take days off in between workouts to allow the muscles to relax and repair. This advice should be taken seriously even if you are looking to build huge biceps fast.

Top Bicep Building Exercises

It is always advisable to set aside one or two days in a week for arms workouts. The best way to start exercise of arms is by starting with triceps and then moving to the biceps. Triceps are naturally larger than biceps so starting with them will allow you to get into the mode to perform tougher bicep exercises.

A best way to build biceps fast is by performing alternate dumbbell curl exercise. This exercise you can perform through building momentum by letting the body sway. This is quite useful as it allow the bodybuilder to use heavier weights.

You can also build up biceps by using Barbell Curl exercise. This exercise is ideal for stimulating muscle growth and this happens because arms work out independent of the body. Third good exercise for building biceps is inclined dumbbell Curl. As the name indicates this exercise makes use of an inclined bench. During the workout biceps are the center point. This allows them to expand and grow.

You can also do concentration curls exercise to increase the muscle size. For concentration curls you should place your working hand on the thigh and then move it at an angle. This exercise is performed separately for both arms.

One of the best exercises for building up biceps is weighted chin-up. This you can do by holding the rod with both hands with palms of hands facing towards you. Then pull your body up on the rod and do about 10 reps every time. This will increase your bicep muscles.

Important Advice

Whatever you do just do not try to cheat yourself during training. You should not try to modify the bicep exercise just because it is hard on you. For instance, you should not try to use your shoulder strength when performing bicep exercise. Taking leverage from shoulders to lift the weight will not increase your bicep size.