What You Need to Know to Become a World-Class Fitness Model?

If you want to be a world class fitness model, you need to know the most important factors that will lead you to the way of success. These are some physical as well as mental characteristics and if you have them, you can really become a world-class fitness model.

Packing Muscles Mass

The amount of muscles is something which can be changed but it requires lots of passion, hard work and dedication. Most of the fitness models have to do training more than five years to reach peak of genetic. Packing on maximum amount of muscles at the right places is the most important factor and some believe that the abs and arms are the most important body regions for fitness models. All of the fitness models have the following things in common.

  • Big arms
  • Nice upper chest
  • Ripped abs
  • Small-medium sized legs
  • Thick back
  • Well-developed front deltoids

However, you must try to avoid large legs, wide lats, huge traps and lower chest developed overly

Maintaining 10% Body Fat

Staying lean is another important factor found among all of the fitness models which means they maintain 10% body fat or even lower than this. Bodybuilding and fitness modeling are two different things because in bodybuilding, you always have plenty of time to prepare yourself before the competition while in fitness modeling, you can’t enjoy such thing as you can receive a call anytime and if you are not ready, you can’t become a cover model. Therefore, you must maintain less than 10% body fat throughout the year.

Having Low Carb Diet

The diet suggested for fitness model contains low carbs which means they can’t eat foods high in carbs. They have to follow low carbs, low fat and high protein diet to keep themselves lean throughout the year.

Fitness models have to follow a well prepared dieting plan throughout their career and if they sometimes have cheat meals, they have to be very careful and they can’t go for too long because once they lose the shape, it will become really difficult for them to regain it before the deadlines.

Dedication and Discipline

To achieve lean body, you must be extremely dedicated and highly disciplined. You have to follow your workouts at least 5 times a week, have proper amount of sleep and meal plans. Keep in mind that it really take time to build worthy to cover body but once you achieved it, you must try to maintain it throughout eh year.

Avoiding Drugs

This is most important factor among all mentioned above. The fitness modeling is a profession and models earn from this which help them running their day to day affairs and if they start taking drugs and pills, it will become really difficult for them to manage. Therefore, the best thing they can do is to achieve body physique without using drugs etc. it will surely take time but the results will be satisfactory and durable.