You asked, we answered. Do liposuction results last and what techniques are best?

If you’re curious about all things liposuction, read our guide below about the commonly used techniques of today, and importantly, whether the results last.

The first thing that you should understand about liposuction isthat the results will vary across different people. It’s always inspiring to look at before and after shots online, but keep in mind that these are chosen from the best results that are achieved.Therefore, it’s important to have a frank discussion with an experienced professional that regularly performs the procedure andthey’ll be able to realistically manage your expectations of what liposuction can offer you.It’s also helpful to discover if they specialise in a certain type of liposuction and if it suits what you want contoured. In other words, look for someone with the most experience in the type of liposuction that you will undergo.

Liposuction procedures can be performed these days via a variety of techniques.


Tumescent liposuction is also referred to as fluid injection as will involve getting an injection of solution into the areas you wanted treated before extraction. This solution also contains local anaesthetic called lidocaine so the area will be numb before and after surgery. From here, both the solution and fat is then suctioned out. It’s the most widely used technique that has the longest history. Today’s tumescent liposuction will often use micro cannulas for the best results.


This technique also involves injections under the skin, but doesn’t use as much fluid as tumescent. The ratio is equal amounts of fat toliquid injection and will normally mean a heavier sedation or general anaesthesia will be required to complete it this way.

Laser assisted

Laser assisted liposuction will use laser to liquefy the targeted fat cells and then small tubes will drain or vacuum extract it from the body.The use of smaller cannulas make this technique suitable for delicate areas such as the face and chin. It is also said to promote collagen production which can improve the skin’s surface appearance after the procedure has settled.

Ultrasound assisted

Like laser, ultrasound assisted liposuction also turns fat cells to liquid but does this via the use of ultrasonic vibrations. It also then vacuums the fat out of the body via cannula and is often used in conjunction with tumescent techniques. It can be useful for more precise contouring or as a follow up procedure if required.


As tumescent is more time consuming, it will often be more expensive, whereas the super wet technique will often be faster. Therefore, the cost of liposuctioncan vary depending on the type of procedure, duration and also the surgeon’s fees.Note that if you’re comparing health fundsin order to determine which insurance to select, unfortunately you will find it highly unlikely to receive any rebates for cosmetic liposuction.

Final thoughts

Other things to note include the impact that this procedure has upon cellulite on the body. Liposuction is often mistakenly assumed to be a treatment for cellulite or excess skin, when this is not the case. In fact, in some instances the appearance of cellulite can worsen after liposuction if the skin becomes more dimpled as a result of the fat’s removal. However, if you wish to obtain results in these areas your practitioner may recommend to undergo other procedures in addition to your liposuction. These may include a tummy tuck, the use of lasers and radiofrequency.

Liposuction is also only able to treat fat deposits and cannot be used to modify anatomical features attributed to things such as bone structure. Therefore,the body contouring that is delivered via liposuction alone must work within these parameters. However, it is possible to reshape the body further using liposuction when the removed fat is then reinserted into another area. The most popular location to redistribute extracted fat is to enlarge the breasts and increasingly, the buttocks. It may also be used to cosmetically enhance parts of the body that have become disfigured by injury.

And lastly – does liposuction offer permanent results? Liposuction removes entire fat cells which means that fat cannot be stored there anymore. However, if you continue to eat to excess and lack exercise, other new cells will fill themselves with fat. So although fat cells have been permanently removed, other ones can take the place and more commonly emerge in the form of fat deposits in other areas of the body.

Therefore, it is often recommended to stabilise your weight before you schedule liposuction to reduce fat fluctuations after you have undergone the procedure. Furthermore, maintaining a healthy lifestyle will enable you to recover from a liposuction procedure more effectively, allowing you to get back to your commitments sooner. Your practitioner will be able to advise you the steps you can take to maintain your liposuction results.