Avoid 5 Common Mistakes to Add Size to Your Muscles

It is believed that one can lose 3-4 pounds of weight in a week which might be increased or decreased depending upon the current body size. On contrary muscles gaining is a slower process and most of the people don’t get more than 2 pounds of muscles in a whole month. Many people don’t find it easy to maximize the muscles building process and because of not knowing the important factors of muscles building, they make various blunders. Even if those mistakes are simple, they can be quite destructive such as overtraining or insufficient amount of calories consumption. Some of the common mistakes are mentioned below:

Mistake 1: Overtraining

Some people believe that doing lots of exercises would greatly increase their progress which is surely a big misunderstanding and in most of the cases, it creates more problems for the trainee. You might have also seen people complaining about not gaining muscles despite working too hard. Therefore, it is really important to avoid overtraining at home or at the gym.

Mistake 2: High Intensity Cardio

Most of the people follow High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and surely it is now very popular way to do cardio but it usually requires having very short periods of rest and 100% efforts. The HIIT has been very common and people believe that it has been really useful. However, if you do overtraining of even low-intensity cardio, it might cause various problems for you. In fact, few experts believe that HIIT cardio sometimes creates hindrance in your way to gain muscles.

Mistake 3: Lifting Empathy Bars

The amount of weight that you use during your training, is the main factor that develop real muscles mass and those who think that simply lifting empty bar will bring them what they dream for are completely misguided as it is not possible. Therefore, when you go to gym, slowly and gradually try to increase the amount of weight.

Mistake 4: Cabs Consumption

Sometimes, people think that they should lose weight while trying to build muscles and for this purpose, they cut down the consumption of carbs. However, there is a very common misconception that you can’t get muscles with the help of high intensity activities especially when you are not eating carbs. It is nothing more than a mistake and if you follow a proper and balanced diet plan which has everything including carbs, you can easily build massive muscles.

Mistake 5: Lift Heavy to Get Heavy

If you are a gym goer, you might have heard that you should go heavy to gain muscles. There are two important factors in muscles growth known as myofibrillar & sarcoplasmic hypertrophy. The Myofibrillar hypertrophy is basically the increase in actual fiber muscles which is tempted by heavy lift while the sarcoplasmic hypertrophy takes place with high reps and is the actual increase in cells of muscles which are actually responsive to covert the glycogen to ATP.

No matter what your goal is, you would surely want to get ATP as it is considered really important for the body which helps in getting protein synthesis muscle contraction, and various other metabolic processes. Therefore, the lack of ATP can halt the growth of muscles which will generate muscles plateau. It is also important to note that the hypertrophy phases are divided to allow general instruction and off course there is a connection between both.